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Episode Summary: Detective Babineaux arrives at the crime scene of a wedding planner who was shot to death, and is shocked to realize that he used to date the victim. To make matters worse, we learn that the murder victim was stalking Detective Babineaux, and that he is now the number one suspect in her murder. Liv and Ravi pose as an engaged couple in order to infiltrate th more
...e victim's wedding planning business. Meanwhile, Major is having a tough time dealing with Liv on stalker brains.
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The Hurt Stalker

Remind me never to get on the wrong side of stalker-Liv. She's a little scary, and that's before you factor in the zombie part!  We had a few close calls on iZombie Season 2 Episode 8, between Liv nearly chowing down on her cell mate's brains, Gilda nearly getting caught sending Major dirty text messages, and Major nearly getting caught with a secret safe full of zombie killing materials. Near misses by all!  First up, what on earth are Gilda and Vaughn Du Clark up to?  Ob... more

Interview: Malcolm Goodwin Previews Tonight's 'Love Letter to Clive'

Through the first season and a half, Clive has primarily been defined through his job as a cop and his interactions with Liv. That all changes in iZombie Season 2 Episode 8, "The Hurt Stalker." The hour explores who Clive is outside of the job and Rose McIver promises "You guys will definitely be surprised."Malcolm Goodwin and McIver spoke with reporters on set about Clive's episode. Detective Babineaux shows up at a crime scene and finds he has a personal connection to the murder victim. She's a wed... more

Liv and Ravi Work to Absolve Clive of His Ex-Girlfriend's Murder

What's there to say about iZombie that hasn't been said? It's a great procedural and genre show, a budding buddy comedy and a hilarious yet tragic dramedy that can balance swings in tone and mood better than almost anything else on TV (except maybe Jane the Virgin). To me, it's perfect bingeable material (with its first season on Netflix). The better question may be, why aren't you talking about iZombie to all of your friends?Seriously -- in the age of peak TV, it's your responsibility to in... more



Is Isobel the Key to the Cure on 'iZombie'?

For the first time ever on iZombie, Liv was unable to turn a human into a zombie. The smuggled terminally ill girl, Isobel, received two scratches and nothing happened. Nobody knows why, but it looks like she's immune to the zombie virus. Now the question is whether she's the key to the cure, the one thing Ravi has been working on from the very beginning. If she is the key, will she work with Ravi and Liv to create a cure for others? Is She Definitely Immune? more

Should Clive Become a Zombie on 'iZombie'?

The only way for Clive and Bozzio to be happy together right now on iZombie is by Clive becoming a zombie. They can't be fully intimate because of the way the zombie virus spreads. There's no zombie cure right now, but is love enough for Clive to give up his humanity and life? Should he be turned into a zombie to fulfill his heart? He's one of the only humans on the show connected directly to Liv and the main storyline. It's Time for Clive to Make a Sacrifice... more

Will Peyton Help Protect Liv on 'iZombie'?

Peyton has learned Liv is part of Renegade's army on iZombie and it won't be long until she learns Liv is actually leading it. This puts Peyton in a difficult position. Everything Liv is doing is extremely dangerous and could put her life at risk, but Peyton also hates the way Fillmore-Graves has taken over and dislikes the dictatorship Chase Graves has created. Could she break the law to protect her friend? Peyton Usually Stays out of Things In the past... more


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