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Four women juggle love, careers, and parenthood. They support, challenge, and try not to judge each other as life throws them curveballs. Whether it is an identity crisis, a huge job opportunity, postpartum depression, or an unplanned pregnancy – they face both the good and bad with grace and humour.
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Workin' Moms Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Workin' Moms Episode Guide


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AIRED ON April 07,2020

Season 4: Episode 8


  • Season 4

      Workin' Moms Season 4 Episode 8: Charlie and the Weed Factory | TVBuzer
      Kate desperately searches the brewery for Charlie while Frankie seizes an opportunity for vengeful justice. Jenny's employers see things her...
    • 03/31/20
    • Lice
      Episode 6
      A lice outbreak at camp becomes everyone's worst nightmare. Kate's interview soon proves somewhat uncomfortable. Anne quarantines her house ...
    • 03/17/20
      Kate and Nathan struggle with their new living arrangement. Frankie and Juniper take their investigation of Sean too far. Anne looks at her ...
    • 03/10/20
      Between Mike troubles, a Tru Air PR crisis and a birthday dinner with less-than-delightful in-laws, Kate's plate is FULL. A misstep from Ali...
    • Kate wonders whether Mike is friend or foe. Anne and Nathan face off at the kids' day camp. Jenny discovers a dark secret at Tech-cellent, a...
    • Black Sheep
      Episode 2
      Alice's new internship at Kate Foster PR drains Kate's resources the day of a client event, while Lionel's attempt at teaching his daughter ...
    • Charade
      Episode 1
      Kate faces judgment from her friends over her decision, and clashes with Mike over the Tru Air account. Anne handles a rebellious Alice with...
  • Season 3
    • 03/21/19
      Kate finds herself at a fork in the road. Anne realizes the truth about Alice. Ian guides Jenny to the light, while Val quantum leaps into l...
    • Two Paths
      Episode 12
      Kate heads to New York for a client pitch. Meanwhile in Toronto, Alice makes a desperate choice based on Anne's recent actions and Frankie f...
    • Business Boyz
      Episode 11
      As Kate is served with an ultimatum, Anne attempts to resolve a conflict with Brenna's parents. Jenny's gamble at work backfires, resulting ...
    • Creamed
      Episode 10
      Kate is hit with a lawsuit while Anne and Lionel struggle to keep up with Alice's exploits. Frankie feels the weight of being in love with a...
    • 02/28/19
      Kate shoots from the hip when Steve Malk suggests a new client. While Forrest is filled with heartache, things heat up between Kate and Mike...
    • Girl's Trip
      Episode 8
      When Kate, Anne, Frankie and Val take a memorable "trip" to celebrate Frankie's birthday, secrets are revealed and friendships are tested....
    • 02/14/19
      While Kate takes her work to the streets, Jenny lashes out on the job, Anne incites violence, Alice gets revenge and tensions boil over in V...
    • 02/07/19
      The Headmaster at Charlie's school asigns Kate with a humiliating task. Lionel presents Anne with an innovative solution to overcome her mis...
    • 01/31/19
      Bad press leads to professional trouble for Kate but a new relationship offers her a lifeline. Anne's stress come to a head as she fears for...
    • Training Day
      Episode 4
      While pursuing new business, Kate confronts an old foe. When Alice decides she's ready to take the subway alone, Anne takes anti-pervert tra...
    • Daddy's Home
      Episode 3
      Kate takes one for the team and represents an unsavoury client with deep pockets. Forrest's thirst for alone time with Kate becomes a family...
    • 01/10/19
      Kate forges a dubious but profitable new business relationship; disappointed by a court decision, Anne takes matters into her own hands and ...
    • Birth Daze
      Episode 1
      In the wake of Nathan's infidelity, Kate gets her life back on track with a new apartment, a new business and a new baby....
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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