• Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 18: America’s Finest | TVBuzer
    Everyday heroes, including police officers, firefighters, and military personnel, face an obstacle course with a patriotic theme....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 17: Ahoy, Ye Land Lubbers | TVBuzer
    A pirate-themed competition includes squid chum raining down on the contestants....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 16: Food Fight | TVBuzer
    Food Fight
    Episode 16
    Pizza projectiles pelt contestants, including a rock star and math whiz, on a cafeteria-themed Spinner....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 15: Ladies Night | TVBuzer
    Ladies Night
    Episode 15
    Female contestants compete for cash by facing obstacles, including Plank in the Face, Beauty Bar and the Trampoline Sweeper....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 14: Mustard, Ketchup and Wipeout Weenies | TVBuzer
    Contestants tackle obstacles, including Organ Grinder, Dizzy Dummy and Smack Wall, while dodging condiments and Wipeout Weenies....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 13: Totally, Totally Inappropriate | TVBuzer
    Contestants face obstacles, including Unbalanced Beams, Pendulum Shape Shifter and Spinner....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 12: Family | TVBuzer
    Episode 12
    Twelve teams of family members compete in obstacles, including the Pitchfork Tumblers, Trampoline Sweeper and Fling Set....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 11: Knock Knock, Who’s There? Wipeout | TVBuzer
    Contestants tackle the Door Knock, Pendulum Shape Shifter and Moving Big Balls....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 10: Screw You, Banana | TVBuzer
    Obstacles contestants face on the course include Trick Stairs, Hoop Run and Fling Set....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 9: The Wrecking Family | TVBuzer
    Contestants face the Slide Shape Shifter and Diving Board Planks as they traverse the obstacle course in hopes of winning the cash....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 8: Feed Jill | TVBuzer
    Feed Jill
    Episode 8
    New obstacles the contestants face on the course include the Smack Wall Sweeper, Organ Grinder and BruiseBall....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 7: The Henson Experiment | TVBuzer
    Contestants tackle the Tramp-O-Mean, an obstacle created by host John Henson....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 6: Couples | TVBuzer
    Episode 6
    Couples tackle the obstacle course as teams in hopes of winning cash....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 5: Excuse Wii | TVBuzer
    Excuse Wii
    Episode 5
    Contestants tackle obstacles, including Mid-Evil Wipe-a-Lot, Overdrive and the Circle Challenge....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 4: World Cup | TVBuzer
    World Cup
    Episode 4
    In a World Cup-themed episode, contestants face off against the Big Soccer Balls, the Trampoline Sweeper and the Fling Set....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 3: Anderson Can't Dance | TVBuzer
    Among the obstacles contestants face in their quest for the $50,000 are Door Knock, Moving Big Balls and the Zip Line Shape Shifter....
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 2: Welcome Back America | TVBuzer
    Twenty-four contestants compete for the $50,000 prize on a new version of the obstacle course that includes an updated version of the Big Ba...
  • Wipeout (US) Season 3 Episode 1: Wipeout Blind Date | TVBuzer
    Twelve couples on a first date take on the obstacle course in hopes of winning $100,000....