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Will Truman, a gay man and lawyer, lives with his best friend Grace Adler, a Jewish woman who runs her own interior design firm. Their friends are Karen Walker, a rich socialite, and Jack McFarland, a struggling actor/singer/dancer who also has had brief careers as an acting teacher, back-up dancer, cater-waiter, talk-show host and student nurse.
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Will and Grace Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Will and Grace Episode Guide


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Season 11: Episode 11

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  • Season 11
    • It's Time
      Episode 18
    • New Crib
      Episode 17
    • I Love Lucy
      Episode 16
    • TBA
      Episode 15
    • The Favourite
      Episode 14
      Jack helps Karen sneak into the manse to retrieve her ring, but they're shocked to find it on the hand of Stan's new girlfriend. While hosti...
    • 03/05/20
      Will and Grace race to save Karen when they think she is in danger after her new boyfriend takes her to a cabin in the woods. Jack makes up ...

      Will and Grace Season 11 Episode 11: Accidentally on Porpoise | TVBuzer
      Grace and her neighbor, James, give their relationship one more shot, but when James invites Grace to his job at the aquarium, she endangers...
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 02/27/20 AT 09:00 PM ON NBC

      Will and Grace Season 11 Episode 12: Filthy Phil (1) | TVBuzer
      Karen introduces Will and Grace to the new love of her life, Phil, but Will and Grace become suspicious that he has sinister intentions. Whe...
    • 02/13/20
      Marilyn goes behind Grace's back to fix her up with a beagle-breeding couple interested in adopting Grace's baby. Will helps Karen deal with...
    • Bi-Plane
      Episode 9
      Will and Grace decide to intervene when they discover Grace's niece is dating a bisexual man. Jack gets permission from his husband to sleep...
    • 01/23/20
      When Larry warns Will and Grace about the difficult entry process into the elite school they both want their kids to go to, they set out to ...
    • What a Dump
      Episode 7
      Grace and her neighbor give their romance another shot. However, an embarrassing incident puts Grace's relationship, and her dignity, in jeo...
    • 01/09/20
      Committed to becoming a father on his own, Will meets a potential surrogate with stellar reviews, but her lifestyle choices give him doubts....
    • 11/21/19
      In the aftermath of Will and McCoy breaking up, Grace and Jack hire the Grief Panda to help Will process his pain. With Karen completely occ...
    • Will and Grace get competitive over whose process of having a baby is more difficult. Jack helps Karen prove that she'll be a competent owne...
    • 11/07/19
      Will discovers a way to finally get back at Jack for years of mocking his hairline. Grace is determined to prove to Mrs. Timmer she's strong...
    • Pappa Mia
      Episode 2
      When Grace admits she's not sure who's the father of her baby, Karen orchestrates a "Mamma Mia" situation with the potential baby daddies. W...
    • Grace returns from her European travels a new woman, but her elation is short-lived when she receives life-changing news. Karen teaches Will...
  • Season 9
    • 04/05/18
      Grace's father and Will's mother end up making a surprising and upsetting connection; Jack rebounds from his breakup with a new love; Karen ...
    • One Job
      Episode 15
      Grace brings Will for support when she goes home to celebrate her deceased mother's birthday; Jack's faith in love is crushed after a breaku...
    • 03/15/18
      Against Jack's advice, Will rekindles a relationship with his first love; Grace reluctantly fights for Karen's civil rights when a bakery re...
    • A baby shower makes Grace and Will question their life choices; Karen and Jack find a way to combine child labor with musical theater....
    • Three Wise Men
      Episode 12
      Grace is horrified to realize that she's dated three men from the same family; Will and Karen get on each other's nerves at the office until...
    • 02/01/18
      Jack's intimacy issues are challenged by a closeted boyfriend; Will and Grace sell their new line of bedding on live television....
    • The Wedding
      Episode 10
      Will, Grace, Jack and Karen attend the wedding of Will's ex-boyfriend, Vince. While Grace tries to keep Will from making a scene, Jack learn...
    • Will and Grace's old friend Larry decides he's in love with Will. On Jack's first day as a Lyft driver, he hits his wacky neighbor Val. Kare...
    • 01/04/18
      Will and Grace try to convince themselves they are okay with dating the same man; Jack and Karen get an annoying commercial jingle stuck in ...
    • 12/05/17
      Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack wish they could have experienced Christmas in old New York City, but realize the past was not quite as romantic...
    • 11/02/17
      When Karen has trouble dealing with a personal tragedy, Will, Grace, and Jack try to intervene. Will and Grace's new business relationship b...
    • Grace tries for her biggest job yet: decorating a string of boutique hotels for an obnoxious mogul. Meanwhile, Will is surprised at his reac...
    • Grandpa Jack
      Episode 4
      Jack is stunned to learn that his estranged son, Elliot has a son of his own, Skip. Moreover, Skip needs the kind of help only Will and Jack...
    • 10/12/17
      Grace is shocked to find that the emergency contact called by her doctor's office is ex-husband Leo, not Will. Jack takes on a new job he ne...
    • 10/05/17
      Will and Jack try to date younger guys but find it challenging. Grace and Karen experience a crisis that reveals Grace's true feelings about...
    • 09/28/17
      Will and Grace both falter when their political beliefs are put to the test; and Jack and Karen help them hide their secret shame from each ...
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