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Will Truman, a gay man and lawyer, lives with his best friend Grace Adler, a Jewish woman who runs her own interior design firm. Their friends are Karen Walker, a rich socialite, and Jack McFarland, a struggling actor/singer/dancer who also has had brief careers as an acting teacher, back-up dancer, cater-waiter, talk-show host and student nurse.
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Will and Grace Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Will and Grace Episode Guide


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AIRED ON April 23,2020

Season 11: Episode 18


  • Season 11

      Will and Grace Season 11 Episode 18: It's Time | TVBuzer
      It's Time
      Episode 18
      Will is determined to not reminisce about his life in the city or his ex; Grace has false alarms of going into labor; Karen attempts to get ...
    • New Crib
      Episode 17
      Karen celebrates her baseball team's championship. Will and Grace go to an open house, which leads to a conversation about their future livi...
    • We Love Lucy
      Episode 16
      Will claims living with Grace is like Ricky living with Lucy. When Karen and Jack hear this, they each claim that they are the Lucy of the g...
    • 03/19/20
      Will ropes Dr. DiLorenzo into going on a fake date so he can spy on his surrogate. Grace struggles with popping her gender reveal balloon Ka...
    • The Favourite
      Episode 14
      Jack helps Karen sneak into the manse to retrieve her ring, but they're shocked to find it on the hand of Stan's new girlfriend. While hosti...
    • 03/05/20
      Will and Grace race to save Karen when they think she is in danger after her new boyfriend takes her to a cabin in the woods. Jack makes up ...
    • 02/20/20
      Grace and her neighbor, James, give their relationship one more shot, but when James invites Grace to his job at the aquarium, she endangers...
    • 02/27/20
      Karen introduces Will and Grace to the new love of her life, Phil, but Will and Grace become suspicious that he has sinister intentions. Whe...
    • 02/13/20
      Marilyn goes behind Grace's back to fix her up with a beagle-breeding couple interested in adopting Grace's baby. Will helps Karen deal with...
    • Bi-Plane
      Episode 9
      Will and Grace decide to intervene when they discover Grace's niece is dating a bisexual man. Jack gets permission from his husband to sleep...
    • 01/23/20
      When Larry warns Will and Grace about the difficult entry process into the elite school they both want their kids to go to, they set out to ...
    • What a Dump
      Episode 7
      Grace and her neighbor give their romance another shot. However, an embarrassing incident puts Grace's relationship, and her dignity, in jeo...
    • 01/09/20
      Committed to becoming a father on his own, Will meets a potential surrogate with stellar reviews, but her lifestyle choices give him doubts....
    • 11/21/19
      In the aftermath of Will and McCoy breaking up, Grace and Jack hire the Grief Panda to help Will process his pain. With Karen completely occ...
    • Will and Grace get competitive over whose process of having a baby is more difficult. Jack helps Karen prove that she'll be a competent owne...
    • 11/07/19
      Will discovers a way to finally get back at Jack for years of mocking his hairline. Grace is determined to prove to Mrs. Timmer she's strong...
    • Pappa Mia
      Episode 2
      When Grace admits she's not sure who's the father of her baby, Karen orchestrates a "Mamma Mia" situation with the potential baby daddies. W...
    • Grace returns from her European travels a new woman, but her elation is short-lived when she receives life-changing news. Karen teaches Will...
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