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Will Truman, a gay man and lawyer, lives with his best friend Grace Adler, a Jewish woman who runs her own interior design firm. Their friends are Karen Walker, a rich socialite, and Jack McFarland, a struggling actor/singer/dancer who also has had brief careers as an acting teacher, back-up dancer, cater-waiter, talk-show host and student nurse.
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Will and Grace: SEASON 9, EPISODE 16: It's a Family Affair | TVBuzer

Aired: April 05,2018

Grace's father and Will's mother end up making a surprising and upsetting connection; Jack rebounds from his breakup with a new love; Karen must decide between her husband and her lover.... more

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Will and Grace: Will & Grace Recap: David Schwimmer Guest-Stars as Grace's New, Uh, Friend News | TVBuzer

Will & Grace Recap: David Schwimmer Guest-Stars as Grace's New, Uh, Friend

‘I’M RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE DUMBEST THING IN NEW YORK’ | As the episode began, Grace was trying (way too hard) to get herself elected president of the New York Society of Interior Designers. When she spotted at her reception Twitter celebrity the West Side Curmudgeon (Schwimmer) — a favorite since he hated everything that she and Will did — her bestie said that, if he were her, he wouldn’t go fangirl out. “Well, we’re different,” she replied, and off ... more

Will and Grace: [WATCH] 'Will and Grace' Revival Premiere: The Same Show We've Missed News | TVBuzer

[WATCH] 'Will and Grace' Revival Premiere: The Same Show We've Missed

Will and Grace is returning after eleven years off the air, and not much has changed for this "basket of deplorables." Will and Grace are single and "temporary" roommates again, Jack and Karen are still best friends and the four interact with the same chemistry and easy banter from the original series. Fans of 90s sitcoms will enjoy the comfort of seeing these familiar faces get themselves into comedic crises once again. The premiere episode of more

Will and Grace: NBC And Hulu Announce WILL & GRACE Streaming Deal News | TVBuzer

NBC And Hulu Announce WILL & GRACE Streaming Deal

TV fans rejoice! For the first-time ever, all 194 episodes of the Emmy Award-winning, pop-culture phenomenon “Will & Grace ” will be available to stream and on-demand. The iconic series will be available on the NBC app, Hulu and on-demand through satellite, cable and telco pay TV providers, beginning Thursday, September 21, one week ahead of the return of “Will & Grace ” on NBC.... more


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    I really wished you guys would stay away from the political slant on your show. Back in the day, the show as just funny with good humor and a Lucille Ball type of humor. Please, please, don't do the politics. We, Republican and Democrat, liberal and conservative, need a brake from all of this hate. Just be funny!!


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