Wild Bill

Aired: Jul 17, 2019 , Wednesday at 21:00 on ITV

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Episode Summary: On his way home from work, Bill finds five charred bodies atop a bonfire on the roadside, close to a local farm. Pathology reveals that all five victims had been shot through the head with a nail, although this was not the cause of death. Raking through cases with a similar MO, Bill uncovers a series of murders committed by Frank McGill (Patrick Bergin), a f more
...ormer hitman who has been in witness protection since 1997, having turned Queen's evidence on his former gangland boss.
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Rob Lowe's British Cop Series 'Wild Bill' Axed by ITV

Rob Lowe’s fish-out-of-water British cop show “Wild Bill” will not get a second season. Despite the pull of big-name U.S. talent, the series failed to set ratings alight in the U.K. and garnered mixed reviews. British broadcaster ITV said Wednesday that the show will not be coming back. The series saw “West Wing” star Lowe play Bill Hixon, an American cop who relocates to the U.K. after being appointed chief co... more


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