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A white collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman.
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  • Season 5 Premiere Preview and Spoilers: Peter in Prison is 'Surreal'

    Season 5 Premiere Preview and Spoilers: Peter in Prison is 'Surreal'

    The White Collar Season 5 premiere airs on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013 at 9pm on USA. TVBuz was given the chance to view the episode, as well as talk to the show's stars, Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay, about what will be happening with Neal and Peter this season.

    White Collar Season 5 Premiere: Everything is Turned Upside Down

    As the premiere episode begins, we pick up basically where we left off. Peter has been put in jail for a murder that Neal's father committed and now he's the one in the orange jumpsuit while Neal works from outside to get his friend out. From there, the episode jumps around in time, sometimes jumping forward weeks at a time between scenes and sometimes merely hours.

    Because they are both in situations that are not familiar to them, Neal and Peter each face their own set of challenges. Peter has trouble being the guy behind bars and doesn't even want his wife to see him that way, while Neal is struggling to figure out how...


  • Au Revoir

    Au Revoir

    He's free.

    But, as White Collar Season 6 Episode 6  taught us, freedom came with a pretty steep price; one most fans would have, at least initially, done anything to avoid paying.

    Alas, this was only a fraction of the story – and could it be the beginning of a new one?

    First, let's discuss how this whole thing with the Pink Panthers went down. It didn't surprise me in the least that the Pink Panthers were caught. In fact, I am in awe of how they pulled the thing together in order to get Neal into two disguises AND his famously well-fitting suit!

    Did anyone catch that, throughout the whole process of this Pink Panther con, Neal was also figuring out solutions that would allow the people he loved to be set for life in his absence? He siphoned money from the con for Mozzie, and created a scenario about which Peter was completely in the dark, effectively protecting his career. Did I mention that Neal is finally free?

    Keller ma...


  • Blindsided


    Just when you thought everything would be okay - that Neal would be free, that Peter and El would move to DC and Mozzie would live to be 200 - THAT HAPPENS.

    Which is why this last-second kidnapping will go down in history as the most unexpected twist in the shows history - and what made White Collar Season 5 Episode 13 a breath of fresh air.

    Overall the season was a solid, capped of by a solid finale.

    Some highlights:

    • Everyone's dedication to making sure Mozzie pulled through.
    • Rebecca not getting away with her evil plot.
    • Finally finding the diamond!
    • The fact we thought for even a second that Neal was finally going to be free.
    • The bro hug shared between Peter and Neal.

    As a matter of expectations, I clearly anticipated that the storyline that involved Rebecca to tie up with this episode. But that doesn't mean I wasn't completely floored at the fact ...


  • Box It Up

    Box It Up

    With only one episode left before the season finale, you would have thought White Collar Season 5 Episode 12 would have asked fewer questions and answered more.

    White Collar appears determined to drop all their plot bombs at once, so we'll have to wait till next week to find out likely a fraction of the revelations that will bring this season even semi-full circle.

    Lucky for us, this installment brought back the incomparable Marsha Thomason, whose absence has been felt. The best part was her character, Diana, brought her little bundle of joy, Theo with her! She was right in the thick of the action, impersonating the recently incarcerated Rebecca, who caused some problems of her own!

    Each week Rebecca appears to become more and more deranged. I thought it was that she was young and in love, then it graduated to obsessed and then in this episode it immediately escalated to a potential psycho killer situation.

    Now she's esca...


  • Stuck in the Suburbs

    Stuck in the Suburbs

    Assasin or lover?

    Those are the distinctions we were choosing between at the end of White Collar Season 5 Episode 10 when it came to Rebecca. But if there's one thing we know for sure, White Collar Season 5 Episode 11 didn't make the choice any easier.

    Clearly she tried to shoot Neal and hasn't exactly refuted the idea that she took down both Siegel and Hagan. She will also stop at nothing to get that diamond---What for we still don't really know. What's motivating her actions is a complete mystery to anyone who is really paying attention at this point.

    What isn't a complete mystery, and is quite frankly becoming more and more evident, is that Neal is really desperate for a settled life. He clearly wants a companion and was falling for Rebecca as much as one would have believed she was falling for him.

    The confusing part of this is whether or not Rebecca was a genuine person or playing the role of a composite of all of Neal's exes...


  • Mind Games

    Mind Games

    Is it possible Neal Caffrey is about to lose it?

    White Collar Season 5 Episode 4 certainly suggested that might be the case. Even under the influence of a specialty drug, I don't think it would be too much to say that Neal is on the verge of an epic breakdown.

    It kind of surprised me there wasn't more push when it came to Seigel's murder. I expected to see more of the investigation. Then again, turning it over to bring Peter back into the field is probably the way to go. Besides, it gave us a whole other side of Neal to dissect.

    I would say that his lose lips was only a matter of being drugged, but it's clear that the lies he's carrying are starting to weigh on him in a way only Neal knows - and we're starting to figure out. One wonders why this isn't something we've seen before. It's not the first time Neal has lied, and his continuous struggle with his dual criminal/supercop sides is old hat.

    What is new here is the add...


  • Fresh Air

    Fresh Air

    The "Master Plan" of White Collar Season 5 Episode 5 had to be flipping the script on Neal's continuing struggle with his inner conman and completely ignoring Siegel's death.

    After spending the first few episodes of White Collar Season 5 solidly focused on Neal's newest and potentially most explosive lies, this installment left those questions in the pantry.

    While I loved seeing Neal as a butler, his demeanor didn't strike me as someone who was internally plotting a potential future escape, or any of the other impulses he seemed plagued with at the end of White Collar Season 5 Episode 4.

    By no means do I expect the content of this season to harp on Siegel's death or Neal's internal struggles, but with something as out of the ordinary as a death in the white collar division, you would expect the investigation to constantly permeate the storyline. 

    But since we didn't have that; it was replaced with some interesting insights into El...


  • Out in the Cold

    Out in the Cold

    Our favorite con man was treading on thin ice on White Collar Season 5 Episode 6, but it's not a space uncommon for Neal Caffrey to be traversing.

    He's kept a lot of things from Peter - from music boxes to U-boats - so this newest endeavor was rather predictable. At least until Neal realized his secret didn't exist.

    But it certainly begs the questions: If chapter 13 doesn't exist, what on earth have Neal and Mozzie been harboring all this time?

    And why didn't their typically rather thorough research pick up on the fact that the codex author was so superstitious he nixed writing a thirteenth chapter in any of his works?

    Seem rather uncharacteristic, doesn't it? Like in an almost unbelievable way.

    I knew Hagan was going to get the drop on Neal at some point. I've been saying it since White Collar Season 5 Episode 1. What better way to do it than frame Neal for stealing something that no one can prove exists! What exactly ...


  • Heart is A Mess

    Heart is A Mess

    On White Collar Season 5 Episode 7, Peter found himself in a unique situation: dealing with an ex, as Jill made some major waves.

    For once, Neal wasn't the one trying to deal with his past or his girl problems... or was he?

    We'll get to Neal in a minute. Peter and El were really the focus of the episode for me, if only because I was a little surprised at how poorly she took Jill re-entering the picture.

    Of course no one wants to see an ex - whether theirs or their spouse's - during an anniversary dinner date. Maybe that's where - and why - El anxiety became uncharacteristic. I only say this because, if you can remember all the way back to White Collar Season 4 Episode 7, El practically led the charge in making it look like Sara and Peter were having a legitimate fling for their case.

    The El that appeared today took everything much more personal.

    Could this be because Peter and Jill had history? I can see why it might fe...


  • Ancient History?

    Ancient History?

    Peter and Neal took on a case of prehistoric proportions on White Collar Season 5 Episode 8.

    If only the suspicions Peter has about Neal, and Neal's identity crisis, were ancient history too.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the dynamics of Neal and Peter's relationship, but this episode gave me the distinct feeling that we are starting to venture into territory where Peter is becoming the overbearing father.

    Perhaps the first real demonstration of this was his insistence to crash Neal's date with Rebecca. While I think it was kind of cute to some extent, the fact he immediately converted it to an interrogation had me scratching my head a little bit.

    Peter's not wrong to think that Neal is up to something - Hagan did finally reappear in the final moments and is an obvious threat - but something about the way he has continued to approach it seems uncharacteristic of Peter. I don't think Peter could have known that if he crashed Neal's da...



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