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Aired: Dec 18, 2014 , Friday at 22:00 on USA Network


Episode Summary: Neal and Mozzie prepare to put their plan into motion. With Peter undercover in the Panthers now as well, the stakes couldn't be higher. Neal and Mozzie know that Keller will try and double cross them, but they have no choice but to work with him and have planned for every contingency. If the plan works, the Panthers will be taken down, they'll have $30 mill more
...ion of the Federal Reserve heist and Neal will have his freedom - whether the FBI is ready or not.
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  • Au Revoir

    Au Revoir

    He's free.

    But, as White Collar Season 6 Episode 6  taught us, freedom came with a pretty steep price; one most fans would have, at least initially, done anything to avoid paying.

    Alas, this was only a fraction of the story – and could it be the beginning of a new one?

    First, let's discuss how this whole thing with the Pink Panthers went down. It didn't surprise me in the least that the Pink Panthers were caught. In fact, I am in awe of how they pulled the thing together in order to get Neal into two disguises AND his famously well-fitting suit!

    Did anyone catch that, throughout the whole process of this Pink Panther con, Neal was also figuring out solutions that would allow the people he loved to be set for life in his absence? He siphoned money from the con for Mozzie, and created a scenario about which Peter was completely in the dark, effectively protecting his career. Did I mention that Neal is finally free?

    Keller ma...



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