Whiskey Cavalier

Aired: Mar 06, 2019 , Wednesday at 22:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: The team is sent to Prague for their first official mission where Will has to seduce the widow of a notorious shipping tycoon in order to gain access to a list of criminal clients, but Frankie doubts his ability to deceive a grieving woman. Back in New York, the bureau assigns the team a new liaison, who just so happens to be the last person Will wants to se more
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  • The Czech List

    The Czech List

    Are we in agreement that the chemistry of this team is the absolute best? 

    The covert squad had their first mission on Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 2, and for the most part, it went off without a hitch.

    We also got a scandalous reunion with Scandal alum, Bellamy Young, reuniting with Foley and playing a sympathetic baddie who caused quite a stir among Fiery Whiskey.

    The hour wasted no time throwing the team together and into a mission. At some point in time, the team members dropped their former lives, settled into NYC, and jumped into their cover of being a group of friends who own a bar together.

    I'm trying to avoid making comparisons to the late, great Leverage, but some of them jump out at you. Come on; their cover is a bar!

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    Also, Edgar is the witty, lovable hacker who lives at ho...



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