Aired: Jun 03, 2018 , Sunday at 21:00 on HBO

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Episode Summary: Bernard meets with an unexpected old friend, the Cradle is under threat and Maeve encounters a scene from her past.
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'Westworld': How Evan Rachel Wood Took Dolores From Prairie Girl to Cyborg Sarah Connor

Following her breakthrough role in Catherine Hardwicke’s “Thirteen” (2003), Evan Rachel Wood became Hollywood’s go-to actress for a certain kind of irresistible archetype: The wise-beyond-her-years teenager with heaps of attitude masking a deep well of vulnerability. Now, nearly two decades later and comfortably mid-career (she started so young), Wood has weathered the transition from promising child-actor to serious Hollywood player about as gracefully as anyone ... more

How 'Westworld,' 'The Mandalorian' and Other Shows Are Coping With Post-Production in the Pandemic

From actors scrambling to record ADR in their cars, to showrunners editing episodes over Zoom, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown some of the biggest, most high-budget shows into post-production chaos. Some like “Westworld” were lucky enough to complete shooting their next season before the pandemic caused every set across the country to shut down. However, when a series like the HBO behemoth relies heavily on mind-bending special effects and incredibly detailed, futuristic visuals, things hav... more

Westworld: Your Quick Guide to Catching Up Before Season 3 Starts

So… did those violent delights have violent ends? If you remember anything from the second season of HBO’s Westworld you know the answer to that question is a resounding YES. But, for those of us who have trouble keeping track of all those timelines and introspective philosophic monologues, especially after all this time, the rest of the show may not be so fresh in our minds. What did Delos want with the hosts? Did Maeve find her daughter? Did Hector FINALLY get ... more


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