Aired: Nov 17, 2019 , Sunday at 21:00 on HBO

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Episode Summary: The origin story of Looking Glass is at last revealed, as is the truth behind the greatest hoax in American history. The Smartest Man In The World plots a daring escape.
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Writers Guild Unveils 2020 TV Award Nominees

“The Simpsons” is leading the way with three Writers Guild of America nominations, followed by two each for “Bob’s Burgers,” “The Crown,” “Dead to Me,” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Pen15,” “Russian Doll,” “Succession,” “ more

'Watchmen' Teases Doctor Manhattan's Big Return With Cryptic Medical Records

The legendary “Watchmen” character Doctor Manhattan has loomed large over Damon Lindelof’s HBO series since the start. In the series’ pilot episode, news footage shows the super-powered blue being living on Mars. But the seventh episode of “Watchmen” dropped a game-changing bombshell: Doctor Manhattan is not living on Mars but in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he has been roaming around under the guise of Cal Abar ( more

'The L Word: Generation Q' Director on Show's Message of 'There's a Beautiful Place for You'

After being nominated for an Oscar for her short film “New Boy” in 2007, Steph Green has consistently carved out a space for herself as a sought-out small-screen director. This year alone she has helmed high-profile episodes of equally important new series, including the Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) backstory chapter of HBO’s “Watchmen” adaptation and the tone-setting premiere of Showtime’s “The L Word more


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