Aired: Oct 20, 2019 , Sunday at 21:00 on HBO

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Episode Summary: In an alternate America where police conceal their identities behind masks to protect themselves from a terrorist organization, Detective Angela Abar investigates the attempted murder of a fellow officer under the guidance of her friend and Chief, Judd Crawford. Meanwhile, the Lord of a Country Estate receives an anniversary gift from his loyal servants.
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'Watchmen' Review: Hong Chau Breaks Some Eggs in an Enthralling Episode 4 — Spoilers

Coded language, deceptive truths, and a general aura of mystery dominate the fourth episode of HBO’s “Watchmen,” an altogether perfect thematic drive for a story framed around a false-fronting billionaire. Lady Trieu (played with nuanced tenacity and well-deployed charm by  more

Watchmen Recap: Too Good to Be Trieu

Imagine you’re a couple who’d yearned for a baby for years, but thought that dream was unattainable. Then, one evening while you’re relaxing at home, an impossibly rich woman shows up at your door and offers you a child that’s biologically yours — plus $5 million, just to sweeten the deal — in exchange for your home and the land on which it stands. Actually, scratch that. You don’t have to imagine it: That exact scenario plays out at the start of this week’s  more

'Watchmen': Jeremy Irons on the 'Extremely Logical' Behavior Driving His Seemingly Mad Scientist

In a season filled with outlandish introductions to Adrian Veidt — Jeremy Irons’ long-unnamed character working within a remote castle at an undisclosed location, at an unknown time — the fourth episode’s debut scene takes the cake. No, not the purple, honeycomb-infused anniversary cake that also helps mark the passage of time. That pops up later. Instead, Adrian is shown at in the middle of a lake lit by dozens of golden, glowing orbs. Underneath each is a large b... more


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