Aired: Oct 31, 2014 , Tuesday at 20:00 on FOX


Episode Summary: Fifteen pioneering Americans continue to create a brave new world from scratch.
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FOX Cancels 'Utopia' After 2 Months

FOX's huge reality experiment is officially dead. After two months of low ratings, the network has pulled the plug on Utopia. The live feeds are down, the show will stop airing immediately and the residents will be informed and sent home. The reality show saw a group of pioneers living in an isolated community and trying to form their own perfect society with limited resources. The plan was for the show to run an entire year, but horrible ratings led to it getting shut down af... more

First Casualty of the Fall 2014 TV Season: ABC Cancels 'Manhattan Love Story'

It took longer than expected, but the first cancellation of the Fall 2014 TV season is finally here. ABC has axed freshman comedy Manhattan Love Story, ending its run after just four low-rated episodes. Starting on Tuesday, November 4, it will replaced by a second helping of fellow freshman comedy Selfie, which will now air back-to-back new episodes Tuesdays at 8pm and 8:30pm. more

FOX Cuts 'Utopia' on Tuesdays, Moves up 'MasterChef Junior' Premiere

In an omen of bad things to come for Utopia, FOX is immediately pulling the reality social experiment from Tuesday nights. The show will now air just once a week, Fridays at 8pm. Utopia has aired Tuesdays for four weeks, with recent episodes dropping below 2 million viewers. FOX's original plan was to end its Friday episodes after six weeks, cutting it down to once a week on Tuesdays. Instead, it was trimmed down the show ... more


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