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Underground centers on a group of slaves planning a daring 600-mile escape from a Georgia plantation. Along the way, they are aided by a secret abolitionist couple running a station on the Underground Railroad as they attempt to evade the people charged with bringing them back, dead or alive.
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  • Level 2
    Underground minty...
    The title present the absurdity of erasure of her Islamic name Araminta if that is a derivative of her in-law Tribal regional name she was a Muslim if not by blood but by middle passage to plantation affiliation... how many salt water African were on that plantation.. Midwife... aunt /uncle. Who were culturally: Senegal or Nigerian; Hausa or Fulani or Igbo, or Moors...etc.…,
    I have seen her close up she looked like hawk in her facial features. Beautiful woman...
    The speech was a slow build to revelation, her spiritual center and her evolution as warrior,
    We will never knew which Africans alongside of her parents, in the community initiated her in religious center that resisted dehumanization…the old folks raised her to survive but as a human…not a so called slave..
    ….within the Black tradition of prophetic Africana theology [resistance to White Supremacy] by use of traditional African communication and symbolism….
    Her expounding on JOHN BROWN was


  • Level 2
    ACHE S-2;EPIS#3

    AWESOME...WOMEN- SISTER- GIRL !!.... child listening to the words of the AFRICAN RESISTANCE....

    We learn these paragraphs within our Black Wimin Studies and African Women /Wiminst theories circle groups...they are as powerful now then! The spirit.. reappearance of /Ernest . insightful .as he articulates .. the position of BLACK LIVES MATTER... resistance when the oppressor has you as a Prisoners- of- WAR [so-called slaves] !!!.

    Tank Gawd!!.. she in the lowcounrty...she is placed with my captive kinfolks in the Carolinas..rice/indigo peoples.. Igbo landing African ...We 's be the Gheechee GULLAH peepuls... GYEGHEE GYENYAME..[ FEAR NO ONE BUT GOD.]Gal, .I done Yoruba peepuls!!!

    Nelly Fuller speaks abt the life of us AFRICAN PEOPLE!! within the system of White Supremacy... how free can we be under this system of INJUSTICE.. how do you have a normal life or love or trust within a prison... all relationship on the plantation are poison by bondage and ensla


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