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Inspired by the viral fan fiction of two sentence horror stories, this anthology series taps into universal primal fears – death, abandonment, and loneliness – filtered through the anxieties of the most connected and racially diverse generation.
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Two Sentence Horror Story Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Two Sentence Horror Story Episode Guide


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AIRED ON September 19,2019

Season 1: Episode 9


  • Season 1
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 09/19/19 AT 09:00 PM ON The CW

      Two Sentence Horror Story Season 1 Episode 9: Trilogy | TVBuzer
      Episode 9
      In the final episode pulling three stories into one: ""Ma" is a supernatural horror about a young woman's new romance and her Chinese mo...
    • 09/12/19
      I HEAR MY MOM YELL AT ME AT ME TO COME FOR DINNER. - A monster adults can't see hunts the vulnerable children of a housing project....
    • Only Child
      Episode 7
      MY GRANDSON GOT HIS BIG, BEAUTIFUL SMILE FROM ME. - When an elderly Haitian grandma is forced to move in with her estranged son, she begins ...
    • Tutorial
      Episode 6
      I DIDN'T LOCK MY DOOR THAT NIGHT. - A beauty vlogger records a complex makeup tutorial as the camera catches someone slipping into her room ...
    • Scion
      Episode 5
      I SHOOK HER HAND, SEALING THE DEAL. - When a rebellious teen is diagnosed with terminal cancer, his family's legacy and wealth ensure him a ...
    • Hide
      Episode 4
      KNOCK, KNOCK, I HEARD. - A devoted nanny fights to protect the autistic child in her care during a horrifying home invasion....
    • Legacy
      Episode 3
      "I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU," MY HUSBAND WHISPERED AS HE CLIMBED INTO BED LAST NIGHT. - The ghost of an abusive husband continues to torment his...
    • Squirm
      Episode 2
      I FELT MY SKIN CRAWL. THEN I SAW THE HEAD OF THE WORM PUSH THROUGH. - A low-paid office assistant wakes up naked in her own bed after the of...
    • Gentleman
      Episode 1
      SHE WAS STIFF AND COLD IN MY ARMS. THEN THE DOLL BLINKED. - A serial killer with an obsession for single moms stalks a young mother who reje...
  • Special
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