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"Twisted" is a one-hour mystery full of twists and turns that follows Danny Desai, a charismatic 16-year-old with a troubled past who returns to his hometown after spending five years in juvenile detention. Immediately branded an outcast, Danny attempts to reconnect with his two childhood best friends, Jo and Lacey, and to smooth over tensions with his mother Karen, whose socia more
...lite status plummeted after her son's imprisonment and the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Danny's father. When a fellow student is found dead in her home, Danny instantly becomes the prime suspect and town spirals into a frenzy of suspicion and mystery. Jo and Lacey must decide if their childhood friend is unforgivable, or if he's really a victim being persecuted for his own twisted secrets.
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Twisted: SEASON 1, EPISODE 19: A Tale of Two Confessions | TVBuzer

Aired: April 01,2014

Kyle's investigation culminates with a series of shocking and contradictory confessions and potentially deadly consequences. The complicated triangle between Jo, Danny and Charlie comes to a shocking head. Karen and Tess uncover more of Vikram's secrets, including a piece of evidence that has major implications for Tess and the Masterson family. Me... more



A Tale of Two Confessions

Charlie does pushups in his room while staring at a photo of Jo. He answers the door for Kyle, who takes him for a ride. On the way, Kyle admits that he isn't taking him to the police station. They arrive at the spot where Vikram died and police are already searching the whole area. Kyle tells Charlie that he can either answer his questions now or at the police station. Charlie saw the murder and offers to make a deal. He accuses Danny of murdering Vikram out of rage and not self-defense. Charlie denies a... more

Danny, Interrupted

Whitney sits down next to Lacey at the police station. She says the police think Jack is the one who murdered Vikram because his DNA was found in the car. Lacey knows he's innocent but can't explain why. Kyle questions Jack but his lawyer advises against answering. However, Jack has nothing to hide and agrees to answer anything. He doesn't know how the DNA was found in the car and stops talking when Kyle accuses him of murder. Karen and Danny arrive at the station and try to as... more

You're a Good Man, Charlie McBride

Danny confronts Charlie while he's out jogging. He asks why Charlie told Jo about the things that happened in juvie. He didn't mean to screw things up between them but Danny thinks he did. He asks Charlie to never talk about him to Jo again. Jack wakes up next to Karen and realizes he's late to check on Whitney. On his way down the stairs, Danny lets Whitney into the house. All four of them eat breakfast together before Whitney's first day of school at Green Grove. She mentions Danny's ... more



Twisted: ABC Family Cancels 'Chasing Life' After 2 Seasons News | TVBuzer

ABC Family Cancels 'Chasing Life' After 2 Seasons

Chasing Life is now dead. After two seasons, ABC Family has cancelled the drama about a young female reporter with leukemia. The show, starring Italia Ricci, premiered in June 2014 with 1.34 million viewers. However, the second season, which just concluded on Monday, September 28, had less than 500,000 viewers. The cancellation leaves ABC Family with just four scripted dramas on the air, including the aging more

Twisted: 'Pretty Little Liars' Midseason Fatal Finale Recap: Death Comes for a Liar News | TVBuzer

'Pretty Little Liars' Midseason Fatal Finale Recap: Death Comes for a Liar

This week on the midseason "fatal" finale of Pretty Little Liars there is betrayal, there is romance, there is Toby in uniform, there is eggnog, someone is arrested, and someone very magical passes on to a new hyper-reality. Basically, it's just another day in Rosewood, a town with a constantly shrinking population. When the promotions for the show promised a death, it seemed pretty likely who that death would be. Of course, the episode really worked hard to throw viewers off t... more

Twisted: No Season 2 for ABC Family's Twisted News | TVBuzer

No Season 2 for ABC Family's Twisted

There will be no Season 2 for ABC Family's freshman drama Twisted. The network opted out of renewing its show on August 13, 2014, according to Deadline. The pilot episode, which aired on May 19, 2013, drew in 1.19 million viewers, which made me and many other viewers believe that it may be worth watching. As the season progressed, however, it began to have a fluctuating viewership. The series finale, which aired on April 1, 2014, only drew in 0.77 million viewers. Twisted was written and produced by Adam Milch, who can also be cred... more


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  • Level 22
    They decided not to do a second season. Damn you TV networks for taking my loved series away from me. RIP - The Carrie Diaries, The Tomorrow People, Suburgatory and Ravenswood.


  • Level 1
    This show is the most exiting one I've ever seen!


  • Level 20
    Only the first episode has been out so far, the second one is coming out on 11/06/13, but guys it's a MUST WATCH!!!


  • Level 1
    post links people! really wanna see this


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