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An anthology series in which police investigations unearth the personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within and outside the law.
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'True Detective' Creator: Season 3 Was Definitely Not a Dream the Whole Time

There’s very little that’s off-limits on “True Detective.” In Season 2, Vince Vaughn’s character stares up at a stain on his bedroom ceiling. The first season’s climax took place in a winding maze of overgrowth and may have included a portal to another realm. But series writer and creator Nic Pizzolatto draws the line at season-long hallucinations. Speaking after the end of last week’s Season 3 ender, Pizzolatto addressed the enigmatic final sequence, whi... more Comments

'True Detective' Review: Episode 3 Shows Why Relationships Matter More Than the Case

Hoo boy, a whole lot happened in “True Detective” this week! Turns out the Purcell kids didn’t go over to Ronnie’s house as many times as they say they did — so who were they seeing? The evidence in William’s recovered backpack points to an adult — who else would buy all those toys for him? How does the communion photo figure into all this, given Will’s body was left in a similar, praying pose after his death? And what about the dice, the bloody rocks, and the house near the suspected murder site? Speaking of... more Comments

TV Review: 'True Detective' Season 3

With its new installment “True Detective,” one of TV’s most baroque series, is keeping things simple — relatively speaking. Some things haven’t changed: Yes, the third season restlessly jumps through time. (It moves between 1980, 1990 and 2015, to be exact.) And as Det. Wayne Hays, a cop investigating the disappearance of two children in small-town Arkansas, Mahershala Ali lends gutsy commitment and a willingness to be shrouded in old-age makeup, just as Matthew... more Comments

'True Detective' Season 3: New Trailer Digs Into the Romance Driving Mahershala Ali

Women have been a sticking point for “True Detective” in past seasons, with critics accusing the show of casting female characters into one of a few, predictable camps. (They’re wives, mothers, prostitutes, or otherwise discardable street denizens.) But Season 3 is looking to correct a few past mistakes, including elevating the relevance and dynamism of its notable female lead Amelia Reardon, played by the great Carmen Ejogo. As an Arkansas schoolteacher connected to two ch... more Comments

'American Crime' Review: Season 2 Tackles Rape in a Very Honest and Real Way

American Crime is back for a second season on ABC. And while the series is taking a page from the likes of American Horror Story, True Detective and Fargo by creating a whole new setting and cast of characters for each season, many of the same issues are still front and cent... more Comments

Everything You Need to Know Before the Netflix Premiere of Marvel's 'Jessica Jones'

Marvel's newest comic book turned television series is arriving to Netflix on November 20 and it is unlike anything we've seen in the Marvel universe so far. Before delving into the binge-watch that will inevitably take up your life this weekend, here's everything you need to know about Marvel's Jessica Jones. First things first, check out the trailer below: [YouTube=nWHUjuJ8zxE] Her Superpowers In ... more Comments

Casting Bits: 'Walking Dead' adds Jay Huguley, Anne Heche on 'Quantico' and More

Quantico, The Walking Dead and Agents of SHIELD are among the shows to make some big casting moves to bring in new characters played by some familiar faces. Find out which of your favorite shows are bringing on your favorite actors below in the latest casting roundup. Nick Offerman on ... more Comments

'True Detective' Season 2 Finale Recap: Who Lives and Who Dies?

It was never about the death of Ben Caspere. Not really. Great mysteries never really are just about the crime; they run deeper than that. The murder of Ben Caspere was a catalyst to open up a lexicon of conspiracies everywhere else. The double homicide sapphire diamonds case, the men's club sex parties, the California Rail commission, the political dynasty rivalry, the sex trafficking -- it's all one convoluted, giant web of a mystery that rapidly untangles in the True Detective season... more Comments

'True Detective' Recap: Everyone's on the Run for Their Lives as a Detective Bites the Dust

I don't know if you were on the Internet before season 2 of True Detective began airing, but there was a lot of hype for this season. Like a lot of hype that it could never live up to. Still, reviews poured in and they didn't look all too hot. Viewers watched out of loyalty to the first season's brilliance, but the consensus was clear: this season was boring. And more importantly, "we" couldn't care about the murder of Ben Caspere.  Which sounds horrific -- shouldn't... more Comments

'True Detective' Recap: Dark Memories Resurface When Ani Goes Undercover

Who is a "true" detective? More importantly, what drives a "true" detective? Is it someone with noble intentions to preserve truth, justice and the American way? Is it someone who will investigate the truth, no matter the ethical gray areas they may encounter to get to the bottom of the answer? Or is it someone who is simply just willing to investigate a case for their own personal interests? This episode of True Detective, "Church in Ruins," attempts to answer these questi... more Comments

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