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An anthology series in which police investigations unearth the personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within and outside the law.
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True Detective: SEASON 3, EPISODE 2: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye | TVBuzer

Aired: January 13,2019

Hays looks back at the aftermath of the 1980 Purcell case in West Finger, AR, including possible evidence left behind at the Devil's Den, an outdoor hangout for local kids. As attention focuses on two conspicuous suspects--Brett Woodard, a solitary vet and trash collector, and Ted LaGrange, an ex-con with a penchant for children--the parents of the... more

True Detective LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


The Western Book of the Dead

Something happened. That's not a phrased used in the premiere, but it comes within the first three episodes, which I've had an opportunity to see, and it speaks to the theme a bit. Something happened to the people we're introduced to in True Detective Season 2 Episode 1 to bring them to this place in their lives. They're all pretty dark. Only one of them seems to be grasping at the light, and after the events of the premiere, you get the impression that any remaining light is abo... more

Night Finds You

That was a hell of an ending. Without a reason for a bulletproof vest, we were left wondering about the fate of Colin Farrell's Ray Volcoro at the end of True Detective Season 2 Episode 2. Eh, do we really expect him to die? Probably not. But it was a shocking scene, nonetheless. "Night Finds You" gave us more insight into the team of detectives investigating the Vinci City Manager's death, and it's even more clear than before they are a messed up bunch. It makes you wonder if by ... more

Maybe Tomorrow

Ray Volcoro lives! The opening scene of True Detective Season 2 Episode 3 was probably one of my favorites so far. So much about this season feels surreal, and Ray's experience as he was knocked out from the rubber buckshot (riot gear) fit right in. Forgive me if I'm thick, but I cannot for the life of me figure out in what direction the case is going. Some of the dialog is disturbingly comical and throws off the scent of the big picture. However, it felt like we were given a bet... more



True Detective: TV Review: 'True Detective' Season 3 News | TVBuzer

TV Review: 'True Detective' Season 3

With its new installment “True Detective,” one of TV’s most baroque series, is keeping things simple — relatively speaking. Some things haven’t changed: Yes, the third season restlessly jumps through time. (It moves between 1980, 1990 and 2015, to be exact.) And as Det. Wayne Hays, a cop investigating the disappearance of two children in small-town Arkansas, Mahershala Ali lends gutsy commitment and a willingness to be shrouded in old-age makeup, just as Matthew McCo... more

True Detective: 'True Detective' Season 3: New Trailer Digs Into the Romance Driving Mahershala Ali News | TVBuzer

'True Detective' Season 3: New Trailer Digs Into the Romance Driving Mahershala Ali

Women have been a sticking point for “True Detective” in past seasons, with critics accusing the show of casting female characters into one of a few, predictable camps. (They’re wives, mothers, prostitutes, or otherwise discardable street denizens.) But Season 3 is looking to correct a few past mistakes, including elevating the relevance and dynamism of its notable female lead Amelia Reardon, played by the great Carmen Ejogo. As an Arkansas schoolteacher connected to two childre... more

True Detective: 'American Crime' Review: Season 2 Tackles Rape in a Very Honest and Real Way News | TVBuzer

'American Crime' Review: Season 2 Tackles Rape in a Very Honest and Real Way

American Crime is back for a second season on ABC. And while the series is taking a page from the likes of American Horror Story, True Detective and Fargo by creating a whole new setting and cast of characters for each season, many of the same issues are still front and center. more


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    The best show I have ever experienced!!! truly amazing! perfect casting!! Suspenseful, and exciting!! A must watch!!


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