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Episode Summary: After the death of Maura, the Pfeffermans must deal with their grief - and the horror of learning that Shelly plans to stage a musical play based on the family.
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DGA Awards Accidentally Omit 'Transparent' Creator Jill Soloway From Ballot

The Directors Guild of America is scrambling to correct an accidental omission of “Transparent” creator Jill Soloway from the org’s awards ballot. In an email sent this week to DGA members (and in a note that also appears on its website), the org said Soloway was “inadvertently omitted from the comedy series ballot” for “Transparent Musicale Fin... more

I'm Married to a Trans Woman. And I Miss 'Transparent' Like I Miss My Old Life.

To be honest, when my spouse came out to me as a woman in April 2018, I had completely forgotten about “Transparent.” The shine on the former Golden Globe-winning comedy, a show I had once adored, had tarnished, dulled by time and circumstance. September 2017 had seen both the launch of the series’ fourth season and a #MeToo scandal surrounding star and two-time Emmy winning actor Jeffrey Tambor, relegating the Amazon Prime Video show to a bygone era, canceled by the very age ... more

Transparent Finale Recap: Did the Pfeffermans Leave on a High Note?

The Transparent clan said goodbye to their “moppa” in the series finale wrap-up movie and said hello to a new chapter of their lives — in song! Yes, the “Transparent Musicale Finale,” as it’s officially titled, sees the Pfefferman family break into song as they mourn the sudden death of transgender matriarch Maura — played by fired star Jeffrey Tambor. The finale addresses the elephant in the room right away, opening with Maura&rs... more


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