• Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 30: Best of Season 9 | TVBuzer
    Daniel takes on skateboarders, revisits the best moments of Season 9 and stars in his very own Hallmark Channel Christmas movie....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 29: ASMR Thanksgiving | TVBuzer
    A moth terrorizes an innocent gas station employee, celebrities pretend to be relatable, and Daniel celebrates Thanksgiving with an ASMR art...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 28: Mississippi State Fan | TVBuzer
    Daniel meets a dedicated MSU cowbell ringer, introduces a responsible way to help out children and puts his efforts into raising money for a...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 27: Lactatia | TVBuzer
    Episode 27
    Daniel sits down with nine-year-old drag queen Lactatia, hosts the disgusting game show "What's in Your Body?" and highlights inventive ways...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 26: Poppa Pipes | TVBuzer
    Poppa Pipes
    Episode 26
    Daniel learns about a risque way to play with lasers, helps men with their Instagram photos and asks fitness buff Poppa Pipes about his uniq...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 25: Nino Brown | TVBuzer
    Nino Brown
    Episode 25
    Daniel shows he's quicker than a bear, proves ketchup is good on everything and talks to Miami-based rapper and philosopher Nino Brown about...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 24: Spidergirl | TVBuzer
    Episode 24
    Daniel taps into the psyche of a death-defying urban explorer, attempts a freestyle rap and discovers a new use for drones....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 23: Tourette's Comedian | TVBuzer
    Daniel sits down with a comedian who has Tourette's syndrome, discovers a hypnotizing new sport and starts a height war with his fellow cele...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 22: Chop and Steele | TVBuzer
    Daniel sits down with a pair of fake fitness experts, puts his rope swing away for the winter and tries to seduce naked tree lovers....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 21: Zakar Twins | TVBuzer
    Zakar Twins
    Episode 21
    Daniel discusses foot care, sits down with Iraqi twin brothers Michael and Zach Zakar and gets his fashion choices shamed by his audience....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 20: Tosh.Oh That's What They're Up To Now, Pt. 5 | TVBuzer
    Coating a man in cinnamon turns out to be a terrible idea, a funeral gets the rave treatment, and Daniel catches up with Web Redemption reci...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 19: UCF Baseball Player | TVBuzer
    Daniel takes a tone-deaf pitcher out to a ball game, meets the internet's premier animal impressionist and discovers a new method to stop fi...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 18: Long Leg Girl | TVBuzer
    Long Leg Girl
    Episode 18
    A dangerous new trend sweeps public golf courses, a raccoon turns out to be less than friendly, and Daniel works out with a woman who may ha...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 17: Breatharian | TVBuzer
    Episode 17
    An extremely curvy man lubes up, a guy draws a penis with his voice, and Daniel sits down with a guru who eats air....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 16: Larry Enticer | TVBuzer
    Larry Enticer
    Episode 16
    A motorcycle stunt goes awry, an elephant decides it doesn't want a particular man walking behind it, and Daniel sits down with Canada's top...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 15: On Da River | TVBuzer
    On Da River
    Episode 15
    A religious guy explains the mathematical significance of ketchup, a man has a rematch with a rope swing, and Daniel goes angling with the h...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 14: Singing Math Teacher | TVBuzer
    Daniel unveils some responsible drinking games and reminds us why alligators are dangerous, and a former math teacher channels his inner roc...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 13: Arrested for Pranks | TVBuzer
    A prankster gets in trouble with the law, a boy unleashes a blood-curdling battle cry, and Daniel reveals why you shouldn't shoot a refriger...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 12: Golf Fight | TVBuzer
    Golf Fight
    Episode 12
    Two golfers get into an embarrassing fight, an army of naked women shows how to stage a protest, and Daniel throws himself a gender reveal p...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 11: Ricky Berwick | TVBuzer
    Ricky Berwick
    Episode 11
    A young man finds a mischievous use for mustard, Daniel guest stars on a wild YouTube star's new TV show, and the Tosh.0 staff takes fidget ...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 10: Football-To-The-Face Girl | TVBuzer
    Strange sights abound at the Thailand Piercing Festival, a college student takes a football to the face, and Daniel reveals some surprising ...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 9: Jedi Realist | TVBuzer
    Jedi Realist
    Episode 9
    Daniel discusses "Star Wars" with an intergalactic geek; awards the worst place in the U.S.; and watches animals experiment on each other....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 8: Buff Correll | TVBuzer
    Buff Correll
    Episode 8
    A little girl pisses off the wrong monkey, a gun safety trainer makes a fool of himself, and the rich stick it to the poor....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 7: Forever Leather | TVBuzer
    Suburban kids test the limits of a trampoline, a leather salesman speaks his mind, and Daniel takes down some local restaurants....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 6: Blix The Merman | TVBuzer
    A guy who dresses up as a merman fields Daniel's questions about his long-term plans and the ethics of dating two-leggers....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 5: Mark V | TVBuzer
    Mark V
    Episode 5
    A man gets friendly with a beehive, a music producer with dubious credentials shows off his crib, and Daniel loses to a girl....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 4: Spiritual Tasha Mama | TVBuzer
    A communications director gets a little too handsy, YouTube's most prominent breastfeeder bares her soul, and an Alabama driver goes off-roa...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 3: Blind Film Critic | TVBuzer
    Dinner theater turns avant-garde, Daniel talks movies with a critic who can't see, and a roof jumper suffers a major setback....
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 2: Drone Wife Cheat | TVBuzer
    A dog trots out its prettiest outfit, a man takes the high-tech route while tailing his wife, and Daniel gets in a question at a White House...
  • Tosh.0 Season 9 Episode 1: Nut Shot Zach | TVBuzer
    Nut Shot Zach
    Episode 1
    A man busts his own balls, Tosh.0 fans troll a Comedy Central executive, and Daniel demonstrates what nine years of stealing office supplies...