• Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 30: Best of Season 7 | TVBuzer
    A bear gets evicted from under a porch, a mall Santa botches a big Christmas stunt, and Daniel looks back on 2015's biggest moments....
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 29: Arm Wrestle Break | TVBuzer
    A woman gets intimate with a wolf, an arm wrestler visits from across the pond, and Daniel tries to raise the profile of an obscure Swedish ...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 28: Possum Lady | TVBuzer
    Possum Lady
    Episode 28
    The Tosh.0 office begins a painful weekly tradition, a woman gets cozy with her pet opossums, and Daniel and his audience try to harness the...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 27: Catfish Cooley | TVBuzer
    Catfish Cooley
    Episode 27
    A halftime performer finds herself in a tight spot, a countrified YouTuber becomes reality TV royalty, and Daniel creates a Tough Mudder-sty...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 26: Elephant Lady | TVBuzer
    Elephant Lady
    Episode 26
    A Brazilian man proves to be too heavy for a zip line, a performance artist sticks it to humankind, and Daniel presents the follow-up to his...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 25: Tosh Memorabilia Auction #2 | TVBuzer
    A young woman gets caught in a surprise mosh pit, Daniel makes the most of the proceeds from the Tosh.0 prop auction, and What's In Your Bod...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 24: Sword Nose | TVBuzer
    Sword Nose
    Episode 24
    A man suffers a debilitating party injury, a nerdy couple holds a "Star Wars"-themed wedding, and Daniel investigates a cold case....
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 23: Kitten Play | TVBuzer
    Kitten Play
    Episode 23
    A man shows off his malleable skull, a young woman spices up her sex life with feline role playing, and Daniel challenges his audience to a ...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 22: Ladies' Night: A Female Empowerment Episode | TVBuzer
    A baby gets covered in peanut butter, people who try beach proposals struggle to overcome environmental obstacles, and a fledgling dancer st...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 21: Rifle Kid | TVBuzer
    Rifle Kid
    Episode 21
    Spider-Man lets it all hang out in his hotel room, two friends discover a racist sink, and Daniel tries to recruit sorority sisters to join ...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 20: Vegan Guy | TVBuzer
    Vegan Guy
    Episode 20
    A woman demonstrates a novel way to inflate balloons, a drunk German has trouble finding the urinal, and Daniel gets radical with an outspok...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 19: Annie Don't Fall | TVBuzer
    Daniel dons an elephant G-string, a clumsy cruise ship passenger gets a Web Redemption, and members of the Tosh.0 studio audience share what...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 18: Car Jump Kid | TVBuzer
    Car Jump Kid
    Episode 18
    Daniel gives a bully what-for, a makeup artist turns herself into a husky, and an amateur stuntman ups his game....
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 17: Welven Da Great | TVBuzer
    Daniel breaks down a martial arts demonstration gone wrong, Welven Da Great talks about being the face of Deez Nuts, and Subway meets with a...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 16: Angelo Garcia, He-Man | TVBuzer
    Daniel profiles a former child star who dresses like He-Man, proves that Oatmeal Creme Pies turn people into liars and sells his most prized...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 15: Where Are They Now? Pt. 3 | TVBuzer
    A redhead fulfills his destiny, teenage drivers make egregiously bad decisions, and Daniel finds out what some of his favorite Web Redemptio...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 14: How to Give a BJ | TVBuzer
    Daniel starts a new wrestling tradition at the office, a YouTuber gets intimate with some fruit, and Big Ass Baby goes to prom....
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 13: High School Football Fan | TVBuzer
    Daniel profiles a unique high school football fan, upholds his record of being better than everyone else and proves that leaf blowers can be...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 12: Fedora Hero Saves Eggs | TVBuzer
    Daniel tips his hat to a humblebragging hero, talks to his teenage self and helps two unusual folks find love....
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 11: Microwave Glow Stick | TVBuzer
    Daniel redeems a kid who isn't microwave safe, takes a page from late-night talk shows by playing stupid games instead of being funny and ma...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 10: Girl Dunks | TVBuzer
    Girl Dunks
    Episode 10
    A little girl gets her hands on an assault rifle, a young woman's slam dunk attempt ends painfully, and Daniel adopts a hand puppet....
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 9: Sign Spinner | TVBuzer
    Sign Spinner
    Episode 9
    A Russian military parade goes wrong, a science teacher learns to be more careful with his demonstrations, and Daniel brainstorms ways to so...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 8: RC Car | TVBuzer
    RC Car
    Episode 8
    A man finds a new use for Cheetos, a street performer gets in over his head, and Daniel opens up about his affiliation with the Church of Sc...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 7: Atheist in a Foxhole | TVBuzer
    Daniel fights the good fight with an ardent atheist, a spacey Alaskan man runs for mayor, and the Tosh.0 staff helps out America's embattled...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 6: Sting Wrestling Fan | TVBuzer
    Daniel redeems wrestling's number one fanboy, gets roasted by the least famous people in the world and makes the streets safe for fashion....
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 5: Jackie B. | TVBuzer
    Jackie B.
    Episode 5
    A Russian man jumps off a roof while on fire, a rapper takes her love of big penises to the next level, and Daniel highlights potentially da...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 4: Shoenice | TVBuzer
    Episode 4
    Daniel appears on "Maury," a beleaguered YouTube star eats the inedible for some quick cash, and a film critic commits to a very awkward jok...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 3: Monster Energy | TVBuzer
    A woman throws bacon at police officers, a Christian activist accuses Monster Energy of being in league with the devil, and Daniel offers up...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 2: Buckcherry Wedding | TVBuzer
    A man receives treatment for a giant blister, a couple plays Buckcherry during their wedding processional, and Daniel engages in S&M play wi...
  • Tosh.0 Season 7 Episode 1: Puke Drummer | TVBuzer
    Puke Drummer
    Episode 1
    A Lifetime special takes a hard look at food fighting, a drummer with a weak stomach gets a Web Redemption, and Daniel unloads on the New En...