• Top Chef Season 9 Episode 18: Reunion | TVBuzer
    Episode 18
    A reunion edition featuring the Season 9 chefs....
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 17: Finale | TVBuzer
    Episode 17
    Season 9 comes to a close with the final chefs commandeering a Vancouver restaurant, where they must cook up a four-course meal for the judg...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 16: Fire and Ice | TVBuzer
    Fire and Ice
    Episode 16
    A tag-team battle includes culinary support from Asian masters. Later, a fire-and-ice theme inspires the chefs when they concoct a dish and ...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 15: Culinary Games | TVBuzer
    Culinary Games
    Episode 15
    The remaining four chefs arrive in British Columbia and wage culinary battle in Olympic-theme games. Cooking on a speeding gondola and grabb...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 14: Mentors | TVBuzer
    Episode 14
    The blindfolded chefs must use senses other than sight to gather ingredients for a dish. In a twist, an eliminated cook then reenters the co...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 13: Bike, Borrow & Steal | TVBuzer
    The chefs are charged with creating imaginative pancakes for Pee-wee Herman. Later, they hit the streets of San Antonio with a bike to gathe...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 12: Block Party | TVBuzer
    Block Party
    Episode 12
    The chefs race against time to finish prep work for a meal. Later, they serve up cuisine at a food-drive block party. Guest judge: Cat Cora....
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 11: Fit For an Evil Queen | TVBuzer
    The chefs try not to go off the rails when they use various ingredients delivered to them by a train. Later, they create a gothic dish fit f...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 10: Restaurant Wars | TVBuzer
    The still-standing chefs sharpen their knives for the time-honored fan-favorite "Restaurant Wars" test. The all-encompassing culinary challe...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 9: BBQ Pit Wars | TVBuzer
    BBQ Pit Wars
    Episode 9
    The chefs are charged with creating innovative fare that will impress precise palates. Later, the heat is on when they square off in an old-...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 8: Tribute Dinner | TVBuzer
    The chefs must adapt quickly when their cooking mashes up with social networking and they begin receiving dish notes via Twitter. Later, the...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 7: Game On | TVBuzer
    Game On
    Episode 7
    The chefs cook up a dish that can nicely accompany tequila. Then, in a hunting-based test, they team up with famous culinarians and work wit...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 6: Higher Steaks | TVBuzer
    Higher Steaks
    Episode 6
    The chefs get saucy when creating a dish using a distinct sauce. Later, they sizzle and try not to fizzle when preparing steak and a four-co...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 5: Don't Be Tardy for the Dinner Party | TVBuzer
    The culinarians cook a meal using ingredients found inside a basic survival kit. Then, they visit an affluent Dallas neighborhood to serve u...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 4: Red Hot Chili Cook Off | TVBuzer
    The heat is on when the chef-testants use hot peppers to create a spicy dish. Later, they visit a rodeo and participate in a chili cook-off....
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 3: Quinceanera | TVBuzer
    Episode 3
    In a Quickfire with bite, the chef-testants must whip up a savory meal using rattlesnakes in the recipe. Later, they create a feast for a co...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 2: The Heat Is On | TVBuzer
    Night two of heats for the coveted contestant spots starts with 10 competitors, 10 ingredients, and only five chef coats left. Once again, t...
  • Top Chef Season 9 Episode 1: Everything's Bigger in Texas | TVBuzer
    29 chefs gather at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, to compete for 16 slots in the 9th season of Top Chef. Tonight they are divided into thr...