• Top Chef Season 8 Episode 17: Watch What Happens Reunion | TVBuzer
    Host Andy Cohen serves up a reunion edition featuring the regrouped all-star food fighters, who dish on the raw antics and well-done dramas ...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 16: Finale | TVBuzer
    Episode 16
    The remaining two chefs have no time to digest what just happened as their final challenge is immediately announced. The 2 finalists choose...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 15: Last Supper | TVBuzer
    Last Supper
    Episode 15
    The still-standing chefs fashion a challenge for their fellow contestants in Season 8's final Quickfire. Then, they dish up a "last supper" ...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 14: Island Fever | TVBuzer
    Island Fever
    Episode 14
    In the Bahamas, the meal maestros cater a high-end lunch party for a yacht club's 80th anniversary and serve up Bahamian delicacies---includ...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 13: Fit for a King | TVBuzer
    Fit for a King
    Episode 13
    The chefs set sail for the Bahamas, and each participates in a culinary duel against the person who was crowned the winner during their firs...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 12: Give Me Your Huddled Masses | TVBuzer
    The chefs create food fare on the open water. Later, they journey to Ellis Island to whip up dishes based on their family tree....
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 11: For the Gulf | TVBuzer
    For the Gulf
    Episode 11
    The remaining meal mavens employ a deep fryer in an attempt to please culinary star Paula Deen's precise palate. Later, the chefs serve up s...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 10: Lock Down | TVBuzer
    Lock Down
    Episode 10
    The culinarians concoct cookies in a bid to impress "Sesame Street" denizens Cookie Monster, Telly and Elmo. Later, the chefs commandeer a s...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 9: Feeding Fallon | TVBuzer
    The chefs prepare fondue. Later, they cater late-night talker Jimmy Fallon's birthday party. Fallon serves as guest judge....
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 8: An Offer They Can't Refuse | TVBuzer
    The contestants' presentation and plating techniques are evaluated. Later, they must create a traditional three-course Italian meal. Designe...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 7: Restaurant Wars: One Night Only | TVBuzer
    The chefs get hooked into a fish-fillet contest at an elite seafood restaurant. In a unique Restaurant Wars test that follows, they must est...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 6: We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat | TVBuzer
    The remaining culinary all-stars hook and cook a fish dish for a summer's end beach party....
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 5: Dim Sum Lose Sum | TVBuzer
    In a series first, head judge Tom Colicchio enters the competition, challenging the chefs to beat his time in creating a dish. Then, the mea...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 4: Advantage Chef | TVBuzer
    The chefs prepare a holiday stuffing dish without the benefit of any kitchen tools or knives. Later, they hold court by catering a bash for ...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 3: New York's Finest | TVBuzer
    The chefs square off in a relay race that tests their culinary skills, speed and accuracy with a knife. Later, they serve up food fare in fo...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 2: Night At the Museum | TVBuzer
    Pop singer Joe Jonas enlists the gourmets to prepare a snack for children taking in a sleepover at New York's American Museum of Natural His...
  • Top Chef Season 8 Episode 1: History Never Repeats | TVBuzer
    Bravo's Top Chef congregates a dream team of 18 past cheftestants who nearly won the title to return to see if they have what it takes. The ...