• Top Chef Season 7 Episode 15: Watch What Happens Reunion | TVBuzer
    The cast and chefs gather together with, you guessed it, Andy Cohen to review the season and maybe dish a little nonsense with the host....
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 14: Finale (2) | TVBuzer
    Finale (2)
    Episode 14
    The remaining three chefs attempt to cook the best meal of each of their lives hoping to be named Top Chef....
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 13: Finale (1) | TVBuzer
    Finale (1)
    Episode 13
    The competition moves to Singapore as the chefs are winnowed down to the final three....
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 12: Gastro-nauts | TVBuzer
    Episode 12
    The chefs are tasked with adding flavor to the food American astronauts eat. The final taste test will take place off-planet....
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 11: Making Concessions | TVBuzer
    The contestants take on America's favorite pastime when they take over the concession stands at the Washington Nationals' home, Nationals Pa...
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 10: Covert Cuisine | TVBuzer
    Covert Cuisine
    Episode 10
    The chefs are asked to take common recipes and create their own completely original redesigned dish....
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 9: Restaurant Wars | TVBuzer
    The most anticipated and, arguably, the hardest challenge of the competition returns as the remaining chefs divide into two teams to conceiv...
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 8: Foreign Affairs | TVBuzer
    The chefs test their version of Ethiopian cuisine with Top Chef Masters' Marcus Samuelsson, and then must create a dish inspired by one of t...
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 7: Power Lunch | TVBuzer
    Power Lunch
    Episode 7
    The contestants prepare lunch for the movers and shakers at one of the city's most famous restaurants....
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 6: Cold War | TVBuzer
    Cold War
    Episode 6
    The chefs are divided into teams to concoct entrees in a form best served cold....
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 5: Farm Policy | TVBuzer
    Farm Policy
    Episode 5
    Fresh is best tonight as the chefs gather crabs for the Quickfire, and then travel to a Virginia farm where its bounty will supply the ingre...
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 4: Room Service | TVBuzer
    Room Service
    Episode 4
    Padma's baby is hungry, so tonight's Quickfire requires the contestants to create food to tempt Krishna's budding palate. Next, they are pai...
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 3: Capitol Grill | TVBuzer
    Capitol Grill
    Episode 3
    The dreaded desserts take up the Quickfire where the chefs must make a pie from scratch, and then it's off to Capitol Hill where they are ta...
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 2: Outside the Lunch Box | TVBuzer
    The chefs are asked to do their part to help end childhood obesity and support First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" national initiative...
  • Top Chef Season 7 Episode 1: House of Chef-presentatives | TVBuzer
    The season will include 17 contestants, as in prior seasons. Eric Ripert will replace Toby Young on Top Chef's judging panel. The new chefs...