• Top Chef Season 13 Episode 15: Finale | TVBuzer
    Episode 15
    The top chef is crowned in the Season 13 finale. Before that, the final two culinarians must prepare the meal of their lives for their mento...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 14: Magic Hour | TVBuzer
    Magic Hour
    Episode 14
    The chefs land in Las Vegas and participate in a high-stakes challenge of cards and cuisine. Later, they must conjure culinary magic for ill...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 13: Back Where It All Started | TVBuzer
    San Francisco is the setting when the competing foodies cook for chef Traci Des Jardins. Later, they try to wow master chef Hubert Keller, t...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 12: Wok This Way | TVBuzer
    Wok This Way
    Episode 12
    A showdown includes woks when the chefs visit San Francisco's Chinatown. Later, they must create a fast-casual restaurant concept. Foodies M...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 11: Hammer Time | TVBuzer
    Hammer Time
    Episode 11
    The chefs land in the Bay Area and prepare fresh dishes for rapper MC Hammer. Later, they cook from important and influential international ...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 10: Restaurant Wars, Part 2 | TVBuzer
    Conclusion. The "Restaurant Wars" challenge progresses with the chefs serving up dinner, during which everything from concept and food to se...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 9: Restaurant Wars, Part 1 | TVBuzer
    Part 1 of 2. The iconic "Restaurant Wars" challenge ensues, with the chefs opening eateries for both lunch and dinner services....
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 8: Where's the Beef? | TVBuzer
    The chefs participate in a plating challenge by preparing visually appealing dishes using only snack food. Then, they cook for diners at a b...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 7: Back in the Day | TVBuzer
    The chefs return to Los Angeles to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary. A restrictive challenge limits them to 10 ingredients, then they ...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 6: Banannaise | TVBuzer
    Episode 6
    The chefs head to San Diego and cook up high-end fish tacos. Then, they prepare dishes to complement handcrafted microbrews. Appearing: chef...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 5: Big Gay Wedding | TVBuzer
    Top dishes for dates are served up by the chefs in Palm Springs, Cal. Later, they cater a wedding for 25 gay couples. Appearing: model Chris...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 4: It's a Dry Heat | TVBuzer
    Palm Springs, Cal., is the destination for culinary competition. Here, the chefs use solar-powered stoves in the desert, then prepare dishes...
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 3: Spines and Vines | TVBuzer
    The chefs visit Santa Barbara, where they pick up fresh sea urchin for use in a challenge. Later, a surf-and-turf war erupts....
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 2: Pop Up Pandemonium | TVBuzer
    The foodies must open distinct pop-up restaurants in various Los Angeles neighborhoods. Appearing: chef and pop-up impresario Ludo Lefebvre....
  • Top Chef Season 13 Episode 1: Stop the Presses | TVBuzer
    Top chefs arrive in Los Angeles in the opener of Season 13, which will feature the foodies competing in six cities across California. Here, ...