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Top Chef is a reality show unlike any other while it searches for the world's next Top Chef. Each week this talented group of chefs, professionally trained and self-taught, will be challenged and judged by some of the best known chefs in the industry. Over the course of the season and endless challenges one chef a week is asked to "pack their knives and go" until there is only more left standing as the ultimate Top Chef.
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'Top Chef: Colorado' Begins with All-Stars 'Last Chance Kitchen' Twist

Top Chef season 15, set in Colorado, premieres Thursday, December 7 at 10/9 on Bravo. But the competition is starting a week early with a huge twist that brings back four All-Stars for another shot at the title. While the actual season will feature 15 brand-new chefs, the web series Last Chance Kitchen, where eliminated contestants battle for an opportunity to return to the competition, will have a major twist. Four past contestants will start in Last Chance Kitchen, with ... more Comments

Review: Why 'Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce' is Bravo's Next Big Hit

Bravo is premiering a brand-new show tonight called Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, and incidentally, it also just so happens to be the network's very first scripted series. Bravo is known most especially for the Real Housewives franchise, which is now cemented so much into pop culture that the network is essentially the Real Housewives Network. And of course, there's also such... more Comments

'Top Chef Duels' Prediction: Who Will Survive Week 9?

Week 8 of Top Chef Duels had the only two female winners of the series, Stephanie Izard ( Top Chef Chicago) and Kristen Kish ( Top Chef Seattle) showcasing their skills. These two women have very different styles when it comes to preparation and plating. They also favor different flavor profiles. Kristen is still all tingly from her win, and she's very meticulous when it comes to preparation. Stephanie's focus is creating rustic flavor and not neces... more Comments

'Top Chef Duels' Prediction: Who Will Survive Week 8?

Week 7 of Bravo's  Top Chef  Duels had a law enforcement theme with some of the POPO from Brooklyn Nine Nine sitting in as guest judges. For the final challenge, Jen Carroll and Nyesha Arrington had to create a three-course meal that included a "Culinary Crime," a "Steak" out and a doughnut for dessert. It was a hotly contested race, but Nyesha's tuna with blue cheese caused the judges to find her guilty of a creating a dish with questionable flavor pro... more Comments

'Top Chef Duels' Prediction: Who Will Survive Week 7?

Week 6 featured Top Chef  Duels' first vegan challenge. Tiffani Fiason and Dale Talde had to cater to the pallets of three heavy metal rock legends: Rob Zombie (filmmaker/musician/screenwriter), Gary Holt (Exodus and Slayer) and Scott Ian (Anthrax).  Both chefs went into the final round with a challenge victory each. While the diners and former hot heads Talde and Fiason were mellow, the food rocked. Salad on a skewer? Who even knew that was possible? Even t... more Comments

'Top Chef Duels' Prediction: Who Will Survive Week 6?

Week 6 of Top Chef Duels was not for those with sensitive stomachs. How does one really challenge two culinary powerhouses like David Burke and Takashi Yagihashi? By bringing in guest judge Andrew Zimmerman, a man known for eating the weirdest concocted food in the furthest corners of the world. He brought along some special ingredients for Yagihashi and Burke to incorporate into their dishes. Burke and Yagihashi were tasked with creating entrees using rare and/or unappetizi... more Comments

'Top Chef Duels' Prediction: Who Will Survive Week 5?

Week four of Top Chef Duels was a tense one with two bona fide nemesis', Stefan and CJ, competing. Good-natured banter was replaced with a hostile back and forth that left a bad taste in my mouth. The two did make amends of sorts, each finally giving the other his due. It was the first, and probably the only time, the cheftestants went foraging for twigs and berries to incorporate into their food, and the first clean sweep this season. I'm certain that myself and the... more Comments

2014 Emmy Awards Live Blog

It's the biggest night of the year for TV fans, the 2014 Emmy Awards. Hosted by Seth Meyers and airing on a Monday in August, this year's awards are highly unusual, but will the winners be the usual suspects or a lot of fresh blood? On the Drama side, this is the final year for Breaking Bad at the Emmys, but will the critically acclaimed HBO "series" True Detective make it a not-so-fond farewell for ... more Comments

'Top Chef Duels' Prediction: Who Will Survive Week 3?

It looked like Brooke Williamson had the judges eating out of the palm of her hand during last week's Top Chef Duels when she won two challenges and twenty thousand bucks. But when it came down to executing a big-top themed three-course meal, it was Shirley who emerged the ring leader. Shirley's presentation and sense of whimsy had her flying high while Brooke juggled furiously to keep up. Fans of Williamson have reason to rejoice: she may be down, but she's not ... more Comments

'Top Chef Duels' Prediction: Who Will Survive Week 2?

The first episode of Top Chef Duels revealed the exact format of the new series. Each chef gets a chance at ten thousand dollars by besting their rival at a challenge of their own design. The fact that Richard Blais and Marcel Vigneron each failed their own tests, demonstrates that none of the contenders can take anything for granted. The final challenge, the one that determines who goes to the finals, and who heads to ... more Comments

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