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A young H.G. Wells travels through centuries, decades and days in the time machine he created. In the pursuit of the charismatic Dr. John Stevenson, better known as “Jack the Ripper,” Wells arrives in modern day New York City, searching for Stevenson after the doctor escapes authorities in Wells’ London home. But instead of the Utopia he imagined, Wells finds a world more align more
...ed with Stevenson’s temperament ...
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Time After Time: SEASON 1, EPISODE 12: The Second Hand Unwinds | TVBuzer

Aired: August 30,2017

Hurt and betrayed, Dr. John Stevenson sets his sights on H.G. and moves forward in a plan for the ultimate revenge by destroying him and those he cares about forever. When H.G. learns of his plan, however, he takes matters into his own hands, finding himself in a place he could never have imagined in his wildest dreams.... more

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Picture Fades

So Time After Time Season 1 Episode 5 gives us some hints that Stevenson isn't as stone cold as he has seemed to be so far. This presents some interesting possibilities but may backfire as his villainy is really the sole driving factor in this show. Having used the time machine to escape to Paris 1918 in order to find the son he never knew he had, he immediately kills a man for his clothes and money. Well, they've never claimed he's anything other than efficient.  Mean... more

Secrets Stolen

There are some really good plot developments as well as some seriously problematic elements in Time After Time Season 1 Episode 4 After Time After Time Season 1 Episode 3 that focused almost completely on fleshing out most of the the relationships, this offering reveals some excellent backstory to explain how so many people knew the time travelers were coming. Thankfully, less time is spent on the labored romantic relationship between Wells and Jane although we still have to p... more

Out of Time

Picking up the morning after the two-hour premiere ended, Time After Time Season 1 Episode 3 gives us a beautifully mundane snapshot of a morning in the life of our newly modernized Jack the Ripper. Showering, picking out clothes and accessories, figuring out the microwave, watching the news, and killing the apartment's other occupant when he returns home from a business trip before returning to the kitchen to eat his breakfast burrito.  I did wonder after the premiere... more



Time After Time: ABC Cancels 'Time After Time' News | TVBuzer

ABC Cancels 'Time After Time'

ABC's Time After Time has made history. Time After Time is the first of the latest craze of network TV time travel shows to be officially canceled. TVLine reports that the show will be pulled immediately from ABC's Sunday night schedule with no plans for it to ever air again. Time After Time followed the adventures of a time-traveling H.G. Wells who was hunting his best friend John throughout history. The ... more


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