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Aired: Oct 29, 2019 , Tuesday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: Kate and Toby try to make time for their marriage. Jack attempts to prove himself to Rebecca's father. Randall struggles to find his place with the other councilmen.
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The Club

Who'd have thought golf was so meaningful? This Is Us Season 4 Episode 6 used the game to subtly explore the ways working-class Jack didn't fit in with Rebecca's family and how Randall's experiences as a black teenager helped shape him. Three generations' worth of golf games had an impact making this one of the most interesting hours of This Is Us yet. This Is Us has never shied away from exploring Randall's experiences as a black person. It would have been a... more



This Is Us Recap: Are We Witnessing the Start of Rebecca's Decline?

If the reason that Rebecca is in that bed in the flashforward begins in this week’s This Is Us, oof, are we in for a rough go. Because Tuesday’s episode very strongly hints that the Pearson matriarch is starting down the long, painful road to dementia… which would explain why she seems not to know who Randall is when we see her in the far-flung sequence teased last season. In far less terrible news, Nicky finally has his court date for tossing the chair through the... more

This Is Us Boss Confirms [Spoiler]'s Potentially Imminent Arrival

As if This Is Us‘ young lovebirds didn’t have enough to contend with, Deja and Malik appear poised to encounter another stumbling block. Series creator Dan Fogelman confirms to TVLine that he is planning to introduce the MIA mother of Malik’s daughter Janelle — and it could happen “potentially this season.” Little is known about Janelle’s mom, save for that she signed over full parental rights of her daughter to Malik. Fogelman says that when th... more

This Is Us Recap: 'This Dinner Is About to Get Awkward as Hell'

The Big Three: “No dinner can go worse than the one where Mom botched the meal and unleashed an angry tirade in the kitchen.” This week’s This Is Us: “Hold my burned-raw Cornish game hen.” Tuesday’s episode shows how two gatherings in two different time periods start out teetering on polite, but eventually tumble into full-on hostility. It’s highly entertaining to watch, thanks to some choice asides uttered by sidelined siblin... more




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