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Aired: Feb 11, 2020 , Tuesday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: Kate finds strength in unexpected places.
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A Hell of a Week

Kate may not be everybody's favorite character, but she certainly shined in her own story. This Is Us Season 4 Episode 13 showed Kate at three different stages of life, allowing viewers to see how she developed into what she is today and how hard the situation with Jack and Toby is for her. It was equal parts heartbreaking and harrowing and was an effective end to the single episode trilogy. As many viewers predicted, Marc turned out to be an abusive guy who wanted to c... more



This Is Us' Hannah Zeile Goes Deep on Marc's Abusive Outbursts, Kate's Panic

We’ve noted before how This Is Us‘ Kate is the Pearson sibling most in need of a win — and that held true in Tuesday’s episode, which found present-day Kate worrying that her marriage was going to end and flashback Kate experiencing emotional abuse at the hands of her first boyfriend. “I always joke that I have super-healthy tear ducts at this point,” says  more

This Is Us' Justin Hartley Talks Kevin's Surprising Hook-Up, Sophie's Faceless Fiance and Directing the Next Ep

This Is Us‘ Kevin realized this week exactly how much he cared for his ex-wife, Sophie, just as it became nearly certain that they will never be together again. To invoke a movie often referenced in Tuesday’s episode: How do you like them apples? The hour found Kevin returning to Pittsburgh to attend Sophie’s mother’s funeral. While there, he reminisced about several pivotal moments in their relationship, including the night Jack died. And later, in a ... more

Performer of the Week: Chandra Wilson

THE PERFORMER | Chandra Wilson THE SHOW | Grey’s Anatomy THE EPISODE | “Help Me Through the Night” (Jan. 23, 2020) THE PERFORMANCE  more


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