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Aired: Jan 14, 2020 , Tuesday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: Kevin searches for romance. Kate meets Toby's CrossFit friends. Randall travels to Los Angeles to be with Rebecca.
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Lights and Shadows

What the heck was that final scene? This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10 delivered everything viewers have been missing since the series went on hiatus in November 2019. And then, just as everything seemed to be settling down, Randall saw someone in the kitchen who may or may not be real. It was no surprise that Randall had some sort of breakdown after he got home. It's been coming for a while. The new job is too much pressure for him, he refused Beth's ... more



Ask Ausiello: Scoop on Grey's Anatomy, Homeland, Schitt's Creek, Sabrina, Supernatural, This Is Us, Evil and More

Question: I need to know who that was in Randall’s kitchen in this week’s This Is Us!—Patricia Ausiello: Crazy, right? Though I’ve been bound to secrecy, I can let this little tidbit slip: That scary moment from the midseason premiere pales in comparison to the shocking way a character we know and love reacts to something that happens in the next episode. Question: Dean’s time in Hell has been referenced ... more

This Is Us: Is Alexandra Breckenridge Returning as Kevin's Ex-Wife Sophie?

Could it be that call at the end of this week’s This Is Us was a stealth casting announcement and not just a nod to Kevin’s romantic past? Though reps for the show could not confirm Alexandra Breckenridge‘s return, the most recent episode of the ensemble drama sure made it seem like it was moving pieces into place for the return of Sophie, Kevin’s high scho... more

This Is Us Winter Premiere Recap: Hope Dashed and a Hall Pass

Rebecca gets a diagnosis, of sorts, in this week’s This Is Us. And given the pain and suffering that the phrase “mild cognitive impairment” could mean for her and her family in the coming years, is it any wonder that she spends much of the hour wrapped in memories of the man she loved and the babies she raised? “Light and Shadows” is a tough hour to watch, in part because it captures the helplessness of someone at the precipice of a debilita... more


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