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Aired: Oct 02, 2018 , Tuesday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: The Pearsons gather to support Kevin at his movie premiere. The teenage Big Three make college decisions.
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A Philadelphia Story

Oh, Kevin we hardly saw you.  At least that's what it felt like on This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2. "A Philadelphia Story" was advertised as Kevin's big movie premiere, so it would be understandable if one were to think he would be a major focus of the episode.  Instead, he was regulated to a spot in the sideshow. His storyline was once again overshadowed by Kate and Randall's drama and that makes me a little bitter.  Kevin has grown so much over the last two seasons ... more



This Is Us Recap: The Mystery Behind Jack's Necklace Solved!

The title of This Is Us‘ Thanksgiving episode promises “Six Thanksgivings,” and you can bet your turkey feathers that the show delivers every single one of those feasts. The Pearsons and their pals gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing in various timelines and locations, with varying degrees of joy. We meet Miguel’s grown-up kids (they’re a handful) and watch Randall’s campaign hit a serious wall. We see William meet som... more

This Is Us' Mandy Moore Says Ignoring Her Bond With Milo Ventimiglia to Play Early Rebecca/Jack Was a 'Challenge'

A great relationship with a co-worker is something to be desired… until it gets in the way of playing awkward, earnest new love. This Is Us star Mandy Moore tells TVLine that she and co-star Milo Ventimiglia had to “hold back on” their off-screen ease with each other in Tuesday’s episode, which chronicled a cross-country road trip that took place when Rebecca and Jack had known each other for just a week. “That’s something we kept in mi... more

This Is Us' Melanie Liburd on Why Zoe's Bathtub Confession 'Terrified' Her

This Is Us‘ Kevin went looking for answers in Vietnam, but in Tuesday’s episode, he unearthed one he didn’t expect: His girlfriend Zoe, played by Melanie Liburd, revealed that she’d been sexually abused by her father when she was a child. Liburd tells TVLine that when she took the part, neither she nor the series’ writers knew that the character would be a survivor of abuse. “I knew she had a trouble childhood, but I didn’t realize it would be anything this heavy or dark,” she says. “It&rsqu... more


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