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We love to play games with our children. But what happens when someone else starts to play with them, too ? Someone we don't know. Can't see. Can't hear. An unseen alien force has figured this human weakness out. They have invaded earth and are using our most unlikely resource to achieve world domination – our children.
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The Whispers: SEASON 1, EPISODE 13: Game Over | TVBuzer

Aired: August 31,2015

Season Finale- Drill's mysterious end game is put into motion and the team must do their utmost to stop it before it reaches its final - and possibly deadly - conclusion,... more

The Whispers LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Hide and Seek

It's totally normal to break into your doctor's house to use her shower and graffiti her bathroom floor, right? On The Whispers Season 1 Episode 2, we follow around Claire, Wes, and Sean as they all work on their own investigations. Well, Sean isn't really investigating anything that we can tell. He's just sort of remembering things and also passing out in showers and getting new tattoos. Claire and Wes are at least taking a more standard approach to an investigation. ... more


If you make Drill angry, he will either blare music at you or cause you to crash into a car. In The Whispers Season 1 Episode 3 Drill shows that he is a vindictive little bugger. You mess with his friends, and he will mess with your face. There really isn't any other reason for him to most likely kill the therapist other than that Drill was angry that Minx will no longer play his game. Don't be a sore loser, Drill. It's great that Minx went to therapy, but how come Harper hasn't ... more


I can't tell who is worse at watching children: Henry's grandmother or Lena. In The Whispers Season 1 Episode 4, Minx shows up unannounced at Henry's house to give him a top secret treasure hunt from Drill. Okay, why couldn't Drill just tell Henry himself? He's super lazy, that Drill. At least he knew that Minx was at Henry's, which is better than Lena and Henry's grandmother could say. Seriously though, the grandmother didn't notice that Minx somehow waltzed into the house, and t... more



The Whispers: ABC Cancels 'The Whispers' After One Season News | TVBuzer

ABC Cancels 'The Whispers' After One Season

According to Deadline, summer series The Whispers has been cancelled by ABC. It looked unlikely that The Whispers would be making a return because ABC had very little to say officially about the show or it's performance. ABC even let the contracts of all the actors lapse. This means that if ABC did want to move forward all new contracts would have to be written up and discussed. Now it is official, more

The Whispers: 'The Whispers' Season 1 Finale Recap: Is Drill Stopped Once and for All? News | TVBuzer

'The Whispers' Season 1 Finale Recap: Is Drill Stopped Once and for All?

It's season 1 finale wrap-up time and The Whispers has a bunch of things to wrap up without much time to do it. Drill's signal boomed out loud and clear through the mouth of Cassandra and the airwaves of live television. His signal to his fellow aliens was sent. Now it's up to Wes, Claire and the team to stop an alien invasion and, most important, save their children.  The creepy-meter is upped in the finale, titled "Game Over," as more

The Whispers: 'The Whispers' Recap: Which Child Does Drill Control? News | TVBuzer

'The Whispers' Recap: Which Child Does Drill Control?

The latest episode of The Whispers offers up a parent's worst nightmare. Your child is accused of something so horrible, there's no coming back from it. Wes faces this reality in this episode, "Traveller in the Dark," as his daughter is accused of being Drill and he reacts as any dad would -- embark on a mission to save his child at any cost. His efforts are mostly in vain as every sign and every kid finger points to the unsympathetic Minx with an equally unsympathetic President ready to make those hard choices he failed to make in the past. more


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