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A docuseries that takes viewers behind-the-scenes at "The New York Times" as reporters break the news.
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The Weekly Episode Guide


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AIRED ON March 20,2020

Season 1: Episode 30


  • Season 1
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 03/20/20 AT 10:00 PM ON FX

      The Weekly Season 1 Episode 30: Open Arms | TVBuzer
      Open Arms
      Episode 30
      American arms manufacturers are supplying bombs in a war that is considered the world's worst humanitarian crisis. Schools, hospitals and mo...
    • Balaraba
      Episode 29
      Meet the Woman Who Outsmarted Boko Haram: Kidnapped and ordered to carry out suicide bombings, Balaraba intentionally botched her missions, ...
    • The Sicario
      Episode 28
      An epidemic of violence in Mexico and endemic corruption pushed a police chief to try something new -- an off-the-books witness protection p...
    • The Promise
      Episode 27
      Decades after children endured inhumane treatment at a notorious state institution, some of them were abused again at a group home for adult...
    • Fire and Water
      Episode 26
      How a Hong Kong Campus Became a Fiery Battlefield, from behind the front lines of the police crackdown on protesters at Hong Kong Polytechni...
    • 01/19/20
      For more than a century, The New York Times editorial board has endorsed a presidential candidate every four years. And now, for the first t...
    • My Blood
      Episode 24
      A 16-year old girl is the youngest person to receive an experimental treatment that could be the first genetic cure for a common disease. If...
    • 12/27/19
      Law enforcement interviews with Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher's fellow SEALs shed new light on the war-crimes case that created a clash between ...
    • The Hot List
      Episode 22
      When a big bear of a man in flip-flops showed up with a bottle of Japanese whiskey promising to deliver evidence implicating some of the wor...
    • Fake Believe
      Episode 21
      Over several months, "The Weekly" embedded with a team of creative young engineers developing the perfect deepfake -- not to manipulate mark...
    • When Mexican forces came to arrest the son of the notorious drug lord, "El Chapo", it was the spark that ignited all-out war on the streets ...
    • Hands On
      Episode 19
      A yoga studio combines a power hierarchy, sweaty bodies, intimate touching and an absence of dialogue. The Weekly investigates the culture o...
    • 11/03/19
      On the program: police breathalyzers. The Weekly investigates one of the most widely used forensic tools in law enforcement....
    • Mr. McGahn
      Episode 17
      Most Americans don't know Donald McGahn's name. But they will be living with his legacy for decades to come. The Weekly tells the story of o...
    • 10/20/19
      New York's school system is among the most segregated in the country. Student activists are demanding change. A new school's chancellor seek...
    • Rudy! Rudy?
      Episode 15
      After 9/11, he was a national hero: America's Mayor. Now his back-channel work in Ukraine has helped spark an impeachment process that may f...
    • 10/06/19
      Johnson & Johnson insisted that its baby powder was safe. However, asbestos within the company was linked to ovarian cancer. Reporters Tiffa...
    • The Blueprint
      Episode 13
      Russia's meddling in the 2016 U.S. election felt like a bolt from the blue. But Moscow reportedly used crude versions of the same tactics, t...
    • Apple's Gold
      Episode 12
      Blood diamonds. Blood smartphones. We investigate a supply chain, uncovering how the gold in your smartphone might trace back to violent par...
    • 08/25/19
      What happens when the medicine a family needs to survive costs $1.5 million a year? Who pays the bill? And who's reaping the profits?...
    • The Memo
      Episode 10
      An investigation into an overlooked moment when top U.S. law enforcement officials had an opportunity to take on the drugmaker that was plan...
    • 08/11/19
      An examination of the role YouTube played a role in the election of a right-wing president in Brazil. If YouTube can influence a huge countr...
    • Hard Left
      Episode 8
      A look at the young activists who are trying to push the Democratic party further to the left....
    • 07/28/19
      A tragic story about Facebook scammers who pose as American servicemen and prey on vulnerable women - and the tech company that does little ...
    • 06/30/19
      With exclusive documents, photos, interviews and found footage, The Weekly and The New York Times's Washington reporters piece together an a...
    • 07/07/19
      As an iconic car company transforms itself into a tech company, thousands of auto workers will lose their jobs. No one thinks it's fair, but...
    • Collision
      Episode 4
      An idealistic American couple bicycling around the world. A group of young men radicalized by ISIS. The Weekly investigates how these lives ...
    • 06/16/19
      The separation of children from their families at the border remains among the most controversial practices of the Trump administration. The...
    • 06/09/19
      New York City taxi drivers have been pushed to bankruptcy, foreclosure - even suicide. A yearlong investigation into the collapse of the tax...
    • A tiny school in rural Louisiana attracted national attention for sending students to the Ivy League. But a New York Times investigation sho...