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Aired: Dec 01, 2019 , Sunday at 22:00 on FX

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Episode Summary: When a big bear of a man in flip-flops showed up with a bottle of Japanese whiskey promising to deliver evidence implicating some of the world's richest and most powerful men in an epic cover-up of sexual misconduct, our reporters were hooked. The man went by a pseudonym, Patrick Kessler, and he said he had terabytes of video surveillance from Jeffrey Eps more
...tein's residences and other materials that, if true, would validate theories Epstein was engaged in an extensive blackmail operation. Kessler said he would share it all with The New York Times.
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The New York Times' Made-for-tv Endorsement Missed the Mark (Column)

At some point during the New York Times’s special endorsement episode of its branded series “The Weekly,” the paper’s editorial board muses on the manner in which Donald Trump has changed how we envision what a potential president could look like. After the brief and energetic snippet we’re shown of a visit from candidate Andrew Yang, the room discusses how the primary process seems more open as more candidates see themselves as possible heads of state. Timesman Brent Stapl... more


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