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Aired: Oct 29, 2017 , Sunday at 21:00 on amc

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Episode Summary: The plan involving Alexandrians, Kingdommers and Hilltoppers unfolds. As Rick continues to fight, he encounters a familiar face.
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Can Rick and the Gang Take Out the Saviors' Outposts?

Rick and the gang are ready to continue their war on the Saviors in this episode of The Walking Dead, titled "The Damned." They have a precise plan and have broken off into three groups for their next attacks. But are they being too brutal, rash and confident?The episode begins with various groups on their next missions. Rick and Daryl are working together with some others; Ezekiel, Carol and their group are recovering from the explosion; and Jesus, Tara, Morgan and Aaron are all getting ready for their n... more

The Dammed

Are we having fun yet? After coming out of the gate swinging on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1, this installment could have easily taken the typical route of past seasons by easing off the gas and giving us a chance to catch our breath. That didn't happen, and it was a pleasant surprise. The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 kept the pedal to the metal, with Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom continuing their relentless assault on the Saviors. While the premiere... more



'The Walking Dead' Review: A Sad Winter Finale Comes In 'The Storm'

This Season On “The Walking Dead” It’s been an oddly successful season of “The Walking Dead,” despite the many narrative stops-and-starts baked in to accommodate various “new beginnings” (both in-story and on the creative side with new showrunner Angela Kang) as well as the departure of two major characters. When your season has three time-jumps, things are clearly being shaken up, and while the initial jump forward of the premiere sought to put some distance between the (frankly, awful) Seasons 7 and 8, the d... more

New "Walking Dead" Spinoff In The Works, AMC Executives Confirm

Asked to elaborate on CEO Josh Sapan’s mention of a third zombie outing, COO Ed Carroll said the spinoff is in “active development.” He declined to offer many more specifics, including whether it would fall under an existing distribution agreement with Hulu. “We’re not at a stage where we’ll be announcing its plans to premiere,” Carroll said. “But we have hired creative people that have pitched story outlines. We feel very good about the development of that series. We’re not in a position to talk abo... more

Walking Dead Renewed for Season 10

Just six days before The Walking Dead returns with the second half of its ninth season (Sunday, 9/8c), AMC has renewed the hit series for a tenth outing. Thus far across the first half of Season 9, The Walking Dead is averaging 5.2 million total viewers and a 2.0 demo rating, down 33 and 40 percent from its Season 8 average but still leading all AMC shows (and more than doubling spinoff Fear the Walking Dead’s numbers). AMC CEO Josh Sapan hinted back in 2017 that The Walking Dead could remain on the air ... more


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