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Aired: Oct 08, 2019 , Monday at 20:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: The Blind Auditions continue as the coaches vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon.
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The Voice Season 17's 10 Best Blinds, Ranked - Have We Picked the Winner?

In the span of a commercial break, The Voice went from the conclusion of its Season 17 Blind Auditions to the beginning of its Battles Monday evening. So, before we lose any more contestants — Josie Jones has already sung her swan song — TVLine is taking a look, and a listen, back at the Blinds, rating the best of the best contenders from the least likely to likeliest to make it all the way to the Finals. Mind you, our track record is spotty at best. In the fiv... more

The Voice Recap: Which of Your Favorites Survived the First Battles?

“The Battle begins now!” Oh, how I’ve missed The Voice host Carson Daly stating the obvious before each sing-off. (Honestly, I have — it’s so freaking goofy, yet I’ve come to love it.) And once coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Gwen Stefani each added a final Blind Auditioner to their teams Monday, Season 17’s Battles did, in fact, begin, with six singers entering the duet-or-die phase of the competition. How many finished their... more

The Voice Recap: Here, Chair and Everywhere - Which Singers Advanced on the Last Full Night of Blinds?

There was a lot for us fans of The Voice to process going into Night 6 of the Blind Auditions. First of all, Nick Jonas taking a seat as a Season 18 coach. Big thumbs-up to that, no? I like Gwen Stefani as an artist quite a lot, but as a coach, she leaves something to be desired. And a little bit of her cooing over her “Blake-y” goes a long way. Second, John Legend’s reluctance to turn his damn chair Monday... more


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