The Sinner

Aired: Mar 05, 2020 , Thursday at 22:00 on USA Network

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Episode Summary: Ambrose urges the NYPD to investigate Jamie for a new crime; Jamie struggles to salvage his life.
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All the Wrong Moves

Harry Ambrose has gotten in over his head in the past. He gets too personally involved in his cases, and he skirts the edges of the law to solve them. But on The Sinner Season 3 Episode 5, with each misstep he makes, Ambrose is digging a deeper hole for himself. And just when it seems he can't possibly do anything any more stupid than he already had, he attacked Jamie in front of his grandson. A few of you have mentioned that The Sinner Season 3 is too debased for you. ... more



'The Sinner' Renewed for Season 4 at USA Network

“The Sinner” has been picked up for a fourth season at USA Network. Season 4 will see Bill Pullman reprise his role as Detective Harry Ambrose, with Derek Simonds also returning to showrun and executive produce. Hailing from UCP, season 4 is slated to debut sometime in 2021. “‘The Sinner’ has struck a chord with audiences with its signature ‘whydunnit’ style,” said Chris McCumber, president of USA Network and SYFY in a statement. “In Seaso... more

The Sinner Finale Recap: Jamie's Fate Revealed - Who Lived? Who Died?

The Sinner finale stages an epic showdown between Bill Pullman’s Detective Harry Ambrose and Matt Bomer’s Jamie Burns — a showdown so terrifying that it leaves the survivor permanently scarred. Season 3’s mind games culminate in a truly sickening turn of events. After Jamie kills Morris, he makes sure to leave one last paper fortune teller in the captain’s jacket pocket, in an envelope marked for Ambrose. The detective opens the first flap and finds Morris&rsquo... more

The Sinner's Matt Bomer Weighs in on Season 3 Premiere: 'There's So Much for Jamie to Lose' - Grade It!

The Sinner goes from zero to 80 in its Season 3 premiere, pushing the pedal to the metal on a new whydunit that places former White Collar criminal Matt Bomer at the scene of the crime. Episode 1 introduces us to Bomer’s Jamie Burns. He’s a private-school teacher and an upstanding resident of Dorchester, New York, where he resides with his pregnant wife Leela (Midnight, Texas‘ Parisa Fitz-Henley). It’s clear from the very first scene that d... more




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