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Aired: May 17, 2020 , Sunday at 20:00 on FOX

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Episode Summary: After the Simpsons' dog bites Marge, the family explores the tragic past of Santa's Little Helper
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Writers Guild Tells Members to Seek Coverage on Animation Projects

Leaders of the Writers Guild of America West have urged their members to seek guild coverage on animated projects, an area which is seeing continued production amid the coronavirus pandemic. The WGA West board of directors issued a message Tuesday to the 10,000 WGA West members. The guild shares jurisdiction on animation writing with the Intl. Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, which covers feature animated work at terms that aren’t as sweet as the WGA’s. Disney animated titles are produced without any union writing ... more

Kevin Feige to Parody Thanos In Sunday's 'The Simpsons' Episode

“The Simpsons” was one of Disney’s myriad series to hit Disney+ when the service launched last year, which means it is long past time for some sweet, sweet corporate cross-promotion — Avengers style. Variety reported that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who has produced all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, will make his acting debut in Sunday’s “Bart the Bad Guy” as &ldq... more

The Simpsons' Hank Azaria Explains Why He Ultimately Decided to Stop Voicing Apu: 'It Just Didn't Feel Right'

Several months after confirming that he will no longer voice The Simpsons‘ beloved Kwik-E-Mart manager, actor Hank Azaria is offering some candid insight into his decision to part ways with Apu. Though many viewers have long taken issue with Azaria, a white man, voicing an Indian character, the conversation evolved into a full-blown movement with the release of TruTV’s 2017 documentary The Problem Wi... more


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