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The series depicts the lives of a fictional monarchy in modern times where power is everything, limits do not exist, and trust is a luxury this family can’t afford.
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The Royals: SEASON 4, EPISODE 10: With Mirth In Funeral And With Dirge In Marriage | TVBuzer

Aired: May 13,2018

The finale culminates in a day that will change the family and the nation forever. A burgeoning uprising has Robert suspicious of everyone, as the rest of the family unites to combat a formidable foe.... more



Foul Deeds Will Rise

Liam's dark army was assembled on The Royals Season 4 Episode 9. Everyone's alliances are becoming more evident as we're nearing the end of the season. And while I'm not ready to take a break, I'm loving how everything is shaping up!  Taking down King Robert is a full family initiative -- practically -- because they've all seen right through his facade.  Seeing the full-picture of Cyrus and Liam's plan to get into Robert's good graces, complete w... more

In The Dead Vast and Middle of the Night

Before a royal wedding, there's a royal bachelorette and bachelor party.  But on The Royals Season 4 Episode 8, neither event went as planned.  Despite her objections, Eleanor and Queen Helena threw Willow a "hen party" complete with massages, champagne, and a chocolate fountain. Sounds relaxing, right? That is until Willow's masseuse turned out to be Cassandra who laced Willow's essential oils with LSD. Is that even possible? Cassandra is the typ... more

Forgive Me This My Virtue

Well, that couldn't be more uncomfortable if we tried.  On The Royals Season 4 Episode 7, Liam had a girlfriend ... and then he didn't. Just like that. His romance was short-lived mainly because Kathryn wanted her cake, and she wanted to eat it too.  What was the point of even bringing her back into Liam's life for roughly two-episodes if she was going to fall right back into Robert's arms the minute he propositioned her? And how foolish of her to... more



The Royals: E! Renews THE ROYALS For Fourth Season News | TVBuzer

E! Renews THE ROYALS For Fourth Season

E! Entertainment announced a season four pick-up of the hit original scripted drama series “The Royals ,” co-produced by Lionsgate and Universal Cable Productions. Created by Mark Schwahn (“One Tree Hill”), the hour-long drama follows a fictional modern day royal family as they find love, conspire against one another, and are forced to face long-hidden secrets, all in the name of the crown. “ more

The Royals: Elizabeth Hurley's 'The Royals' Gets Crowned With First Official Teaser News | TVBuzer

Elizabeth Hurley's 'The Royals' Gets Crowned With First Official Teaser

There's about to be some major anarchy in the monarchy. At least, that's what the tagline in the first official promo for E!'s 'The Royals' promises fans. It may only be a 20-second clip, but there's no doubt that this Elizabeth Hurley -starrer will reign down a ton of fantastic drama. And bonus – it will all be done with British accents! The hour-long series will center around a fictional Britis... more

The Royals: E! Orders 'The Royals' as First Scripted Series News | TVBuzer

E! Orders 'The Royals' as First Scripted Series

Here Ye, Hear Ye! E! is looking to make scripted programming its next crowningachievement. The networkhas just given a series pickup order to its very first scripted drama ever, entitled 'The Royals,' which will center arounda fictional British Royal family as they live out their lives in modern-day London. So who's been asked to join this regal little crew? Elizabeth Hurley ( more


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