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2 Seasons, 20 Episodes

Genre: Crime / Musical / Soap /


Set in Vancouver, THE ROMEO SECTION is an hour-long serialized espionage drama following spymaster Professor Wolfgang McGee, an academic who secretly manages a roster of espionage assets. These assets, referred to as Romeo or Juliet spies, are informants engaged in intimate long or short term relations with state intelligence targets. Wolfgang is a semi-retired Romeo operator, more
...having worked his way up from youth in an unnamed and officially deniable “service” under the umbrella of Canada’s Intelligence Community.
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The Romeo Section Episode Guide | TVBuzer

The Romeo Section Episode Guide



  • Season 2
    • Final Measures
      Episode 10
      Wolfgang is courted by Global Standard while Norman plots to bring the investigation to a close....
    • 11/30/16
      Wolfgang spies on the attendees of a private conference ....
    • Complicit
      Episode 8
      Angered by the course of events, Norman chases down people of interest; Mei Mei meets with an unwelcome visitor....
    • Rising Tide
      Episode 7
      Wolfgang starts to make connections in the investigation, but concern for Sonya takes precedence, especially for Norman; Rufus' latest schem...
    • Forced Entry
      Episode 6
      Details from the day of the bombing come to light, connecting a sinister player to the event....
    • Incendiary
      Episode 5
      Wolfgang uncovers a key player in the stadium attack, and divulges troubling information to Sproule....
    • Seeds Of War
      Episode 4
      Sproule makes Al an enticing offer that involves Lily....
    • A Rigged Game
      Episode 3
      Norman starts piecing together all the connections in the puzzle which he and Wolfgang know is a conspiracy of some sort, as Khalil Mustafa ...
    • The Legwork
      Episode 2
      Wolfgang and Norman continue their investigation into the handling of the supposed jihadi bomb threat that led to the death of Khalil Mustaf...
    • 10/05/16
      An old colleague working unofficially for the current government asks Wolfgang to work on a case. The previous government had peddled the no...
  • Season 1
    • 12/16/15
      Things intensify when Wolfgang's assets must contend with all the secrets they've been harboring....
    • Dragon Fruit
      Episode 9
      The team sniffs around for information about Wolfgang's intriguing recruit; Eva deals with a new threat; Rufus is AWOL; and Vince is teeteri...
    • 12/02/15
      A Wolfgang asset goes missing; a foreign agency invades Wolfgang's territory; Dee comes home to Vince, who is feeling pressure from all side...
    • Whiskey Jack
      Episode 7
      Lily is accosted by a mysterious stranger; the General meets with a man from his past; Vince is put in a tough spot, while Rufus prepares fo...
    • 11/18/15
      Wolfgang has an asset in danger; gang members become divided; a new informant is field-tested; Miguel believes he knows what is to become of...
    • Five Spies
      Episode 5
      Wolfgang deals with a suspicious walk-in; Wing Lei is reluctant to enlist an outsider's help; Dee gets used to new surroundings; Miguel and ...
    • 11/04/15
      Wolfgang attempts to discover the current location of General Wu. Wolfgang forces information from Eva about Miguel to gauge his worth. Wing...
    • 10/28/15
      Wolfgang is interrogated about his trip to Hong Kong; Wing Fan meets General Wu's unorthodox connection....
    • Repel Monkey
      Episode 2
      Wolfgang may have found a new recruit; an agent gets arrested overseas; Dee has a gift for Rufus....
    • 10/14/15
      Wolfgang manages his assets for the Romeo Section while fronting as a university professor....
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