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An idealistic young doctor begins his first day under the supervision of a tough, brilliant senior resident who pulls the curtain back on all of the good and evil in modern day medicine. Lives may be saved or lost, but expectations will always be shattered.
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  • Support System

    Support System

    Did it hit too close to home for you, Resident Fanatics?

    Quarantine life is an unforgettable experience, but when you have hours like The Resident Season 3 Episode 19 to keep you company, it's not so bad at all.

    Of course, we're excluding how it took us on an emotional ride, pulling us into different directions only to leave us distraught by the end.

    Derek cannot die. It'll be too much, please, don't kill off Kit's son-in-law! Sadly, after an hour that did have a death and many scares, it looks like he may be another victim of the superbug.

    Superbugs have always posed threats before, and the globe has endured its fair share of pandemics, so no, the hour wasn't inspired by Covid-19.

    It was in the works before this global pandemic hit us like a freight train. However, it had a brief mention in the hour, and the timeliness of the hour was beyond unsettling.

    The hour was nerve-wracking from beginning to end...


  • So Long, Dawn Long

    So Long, Dawn Long


    Most of The Resident Season 3 Episode 18 was business as usual with another day and another few cases, but the timeliness of that ending was eerie and exciting.

    It's hard to focus on anything else but those last few moments.

    Our beloved Kit returned (although, Mina was still missing), and she and Conrad worked together when her son-in-law came to Chastain seeking help after falling ill.

    Derek and Molly were instantly likable, and your heart broke for them and Kit as Derek learned what was ailing him.

    They had a plan set in motion. Molly was following her mother's footsteps and becoming a doctor, so Derek was taking the lead, raising their daughter while she went to medical school.

    It was working nicely for them, but then Derek's cough and shortness of breath were concerning, and sure enough, Conrad discovered he had a mast in his chest. Derek had cancer, and their lives were about to change forever...


  • Doll E. Wood

    Doll E. Wood

    Mina stepped away for the hour so another queen could take center stage.

    It felt as though The Resident Season 3 Episode 17 was a love letter honoring the Queen of Country, Dolly Parton, and it was glorious, heartwarming, and inspiring.

    Is anyone else going to have her songs stuck in their head for days? No? Just me? Fair enough.

    It was a bit of a filler hour, and sometimes those get a bad wrap. When done well, a filler installment can be quite enjoyable, and this was an example of that.

    It picked up not long from where The Resident Season 3 Episode 16 left off with the wee baby needing heart surgery to save his life and Devon and Nadine at an impasse in their new relationship.

    We got some closure with both of those storylines, and CoNic was in domestic bliss basking in the afterglow of their engagement while also keeping it under wraps for a bit.

    It made sense that after Irving's grand, public gesture ...


  • Reverse Cinderella

    Reverse Cinderella

    It was an hour for the romantics, and love won out.

    We had not one, but two engagements, a fairy-tale romance equipped with the typical angst reminiscent of a Hallmark movie, and that sweet and torturous slow burn on The Resident Season 3 Episode 16.

    CoNic shippers, your time has come! We have ourselves a proposal and engagement. Please proceed to the comment section to properly squeal and fanperson over this delightful news.

    But first, let's talk about the entire installment; otherwise, this review is all for naught. And it took a lot to formulate multiple sentences instead of just leaving it at "!!!!!,"so bear with me before you guys celebrate below.

    The hour started with a proposal (yes, Jessica and Irving!), and ended with one, but damn if everything between wasn't deliciously good content, too.

    After all the Red Rock drama, it was nice to get some happier moments out of our favorite characters, and the hou...


  • Last Shot

    Last Shot

    Can we talk about Randolph Bell's glow-up?

    Throughout a season and a half, Bell has quietly become one of the best characters of the series, and the most evolved. Not only did The Resident Season 3 Episode 15 highlight him and his growth, but it also provided more insight into the man behind the mask.

    The Resident was back with another strong hour and the highly-anticipated conclusion to the 3B Life saga.

    Sometimes it feels like the show is burning through some of its plots, but in this case, we needed the conclusion sooner rather than later.

    And it was surprising that it didn't have anything to do with Cain being nefarious or vindictive.

    Instead, the pesticides were connected to the organic clothing shipped with the 3B life for select patients who purchased the supplement and clothes from the shopping network.

    It's enough to make you break out in hives and reconsider online shipping. But alas, this is ...


  • How Conrad Gets His Groove Back

    How Conrad Gets His Groove Back

    He's back, baby!

    Conrad finessed his way back into Chastain as chief resident after bringing in a killer deal on The Resident Season 3 Episode 13, and it could not be sweeter.

    Seriously, everything about this hour was magic.

    To get ahead with the likes of Red Rock, you have to beat them at their own game.

    Who would have thought Conrad's dedication to his patients like his zero-G brother would have hooked him up with Reggie, whose life he saved, and connected him with Dax.

    By saving Dax and diagnosing what the team doctor failed to see, Conrad was on the radar of the wealthy team owner, and he got the deal of a lifetime.

    Do you know how much money is made with sports medicine? Conrad as the team doctor even for Atlanta's soccer team is the opportunity of a lifetime.

    And a resident got it.

    I'm chief resident, and I'm going to do whatever to protect my patients at Cha...


  • Best Laid Plans

    Best Laid Plans

    The Resident is at its absolute best when it focuses on the American healthcare crisis.

    Once again, they did it exceptionally well on The Resident Season 3 Episode 12, with Bianca's near-death over something seemingly innocuous and Archie attempting to take his life to spare his wife all the medical expenses.

    Stories like that are not uncommon; they're frequent and enraging, and by putting faces to incidents like those, The Resident humanizes the experience, so we don't become desensitized or complacent.

    It's enough to make you emotional, just thinking about it.

    Conrad is over moping, and he's spending his time volunteering. It would be a disservice to himself and the people he can help if he didn't put his gifts to proper use.

    Instead of helping Nic and Mina at a free clinic miles away from the city, he was supposed to be doing search and rescue. It's the type of thing you can envision him doing, so upon mentioning it,...


  • Free Fall

    Free Fall

    You can't keep a good resident down for long.

    The series returned from a brief hiatus with Conrad a little lost in the aftermath of his firing, but the bulk of The Resident Season 3 Episode 11 was about getting all of their ducks in a row.

    It was setting the foundation for aligning the troops -- assembling the allies against Red Rock, gearing toward a David and Goliath fight with Conrad at the wheel.

    But first, Conrad had to get out of his funk over getting fired. He refused to let the full extent of what happened and how it affected him show in front of his colleagues as he left Chastain on The Resident Season 3 Episode 10, but Conrad was defeated.

    His energy was off for most of the hour as he slipped into a dark gloom. His melancholy radiated off of him in waves from his dejected reaction to interviewing to work at urgent care to his refusing to speak to Marshall.

    He's someone who is always on the go and in motion, an...


  • Out For Blood

    Out For Blood

    God, don't you love how The Resident can take you on an emotional ride with every installment?

    Sometimes it's the equivalent of watching a sports game with the amount of swearing and cheering, and fist-pumping, and eye-rolling within one installment.

    Fortunately, The Resident Season 3 Episode 9 didn't leave us with one of those edge-of-your-seat, nerve-racking cliffhangers leading into the midseason finale, but you better believe it still left us pumped.

    The best thing about the hour was how it squashed the tension between Devon and Conrad. It was necessary due to it not working at all.

    The degree to which Devon chose to have an issue with Conrad for doing what he's always done came out of nowhere. The disagreement was fine, but the weird animosity was absurd.

    It was frustrating in its lack of nuance. Most of us tuned in to the series knowing damn well it was about a rulebreaking, renegade of a resident.



  • Peking Duck Day

    Peking Duck Day

    There's nothing like taking a brief intermission to celebrate the holidays.

    It was an hour devoted to Thanksgiving on The Resident Season 3 Episode 8, with outrageous holiday-related injuries, family shenanigans, and longing and blues over those who are gone.

    Sexy Thanksgiving didn't last longer than a few minutes, but it made up for it in other ways.

    The holiday season is a difficult time for those who have lost loved ones. The first holiday after a loss is the hardest thing to overcome, and the Nevins felt it with Jessie's absence.

    Thanksgiving was a meaningful holiday for the Nevin family. It was also the last holiday Nic spent with her mother before she died.

    It's no wonder she opted for a sexy day with Conrad, with movies, takeout, no interruptions, and making out.

    It would've been a nice distraction had they not been cockblocked by Kyle. Parents, am I right?

    But in Kyle's defense, with ...



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