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Episode Summary: When Conrad's attempt to surprise Nic with a lavish Valentine's Day dinner is foiled, he gives the reservation away to someone who could really use it. Mina and Devon distract themselves from all Valentine's celebrations by trying to figure out how their seemingly healthy neighbor has suddenly passed away. Meanwhile, Kit gives dating advice to a sex-injured more
...patient, Irving hits a crossroads in his not-so-secret relationship with Nurse Jessica, and Bell decides to celebrate the day in the OR.
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Stupid Things in the Name of Sex RECAP and REVIEWS (1)

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  • Stupid Things In The Name of Sex

    Stupid Things In The Name of Sex

    With potential murder mysteries, evil billionaires, recurring patients, and so many unique medical cases and interrelationship drama, The Resident earned the right to have a standalone. 

    The Resident Season 2 Episode 14 (which was a befitting episode to celebrate the holiday given the season and episode number) had equal parts romance and bloody to accommodate your Valentine's Day fare. 

    I expected sex and romance, but boy, I was not prepared for the gruesome autopsy scenes! I hope none of you have a weak stomach. 

    There was little CoNic in this hour unless we're talking about their smoking hot opening scene. There was a lot of CoNic during that number. Hot damn! 

    The couple is going strong after that disagreement that by no means felt minor to many of us, but it must have been in the grand scale of things to them. Conrad even had some romantic plans for the two of them that had others salivating at the mouth. 




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