The Ranch (US)

Aired: Sep 13, 2019 , Friday at 3:00 on Netflix


Episode Summary: Colt, Beau and Luke bond during a road trip to New Mexico. Back home, Abby runs into Mary and Nick.
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Ashton Kutcher Explains Why It Was Time to End The Ranch, Takes a Swipe at Two and a Half Men

Ashton Kutcher is opening up about the decision to close up shop on The Ranch. The star and executive producer of the recently ended Netflix comedy was a guest on Monday’s episode of the WTF With Marc Maron podcast. During the interview, he suggested that the Colorado-set series had reached its natural conclusion, and there was no incentive to keep it going. “The story [of Th... more

The Ranch Recap: 'Cheers to the F-king Bennetts' - Grade the Series Finale

The Bennett family’s bad-luck streak comes to an end in the series finale of The Ranch. The Netflix comedy reaches its natural conclusion with its eighth and final part, which finds Luke opening up about his mental health and Colt making the ultimate save. In order to get Lisa Neumann to drop the lawsuit against him, Colt needs to prove that her prize bull infected his heifers. First he finds a picture of Lisa and her bull on the Mooney ranch, which recently suffered a trich ... more

The Ranch's Killer Reveal: [Spoiler] Confesses to Nick's Murder in Episode 7 - But Who Goes Down For the Crime?

The Ranch is nearly at the end of its eight-part run before Nick’s killer is revealed. In Episode 7, Beer Pong tells Colt that the murder weapon was found behind Nick’s trailer. Soon after, Wilkerson turns up at the Bennett house and arrests Luke for Nick’s murder. It was his gun they found on the premises. Be that as it may, Luke didn’t kill Nick. Luke’s gun was in his car — the very car that Mary stole and cashed in for a quick drug fix. A... more


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