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When Dave Johnson and his family arrive from Michigan, they're unfazed that their new dream home is located in a community quite different from their previous small town. However, their opinionated next-door neighbor Calvin Butler is wary of the newcomers, certain that they'll disrupt the culture on the block. Dave realizes that fitting in with the new community is more complex more
... than he had expected, but if he can find a way to connect with Calvin, there's an excellent chance of making it a great place to live.
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The Neighborhood Episode Guide


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AIRED ON November 30,2020

Season 3: Episode 3

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  • Season 3
  • Season 2
    • 05/04/20
      Dave makes a run for city council, working hard to earn Calvin's support, only to have a controversial photo threaten to derail his entire c...
    • 05/04/20
      A near-accident awakens Dave's sense of civic duty, prompting him to team up with Calvin to try to improve the safety of their community. Al...
    • 04/13/20
      A surprise delivery prompts Dave and Gemma, as well as Calvin and Tina, to examine the power dynamics in their respective relationships....
    • 04/06/20
      When Tina receives unexpected news, Calvin, Dave and Gemma encourage her to embrace a new chapter by taking a big leap of faith -- literally...
    • 03/16/20
      When Grover joins Calvin's youth basketball team, Gemma finds herself at odds with some of her neighbor's coaching methods; Tina and Marty a...
    • 03/09/20
      When Calvin decides to film a local TV commercial for his business, he enlists Dave, Tina and Marty to help, but it doesn't take long for cr...
    • 02/17/20
      After Calvin enjoys attending a hockey game with Dave, Malcolm and Marty wonder if their neighbor is rubbing off too much on their dad; Tina...
    • 02/10/20
      Dave puts his professional conflict mediation skills to the test when he offers to help Calvin find out why his employees are quitting....
    • 02/03/20
      When Calvin and Dave get shown up by Gemma and Marty at a local bar's trivia night, the pair hatch a plan for a do-over to redeem themselves...
    • 01/20/20
      Tina spends time with the charming new minister she helped select for her church; Calvin suspects the man may be coveting more than just job...
    • 01/06/20
      Dave's patience is tested when Gemma's freeloading sister suddenly shows up with plans for an extended stay; Calvin grows frustrated that Ma...
    • 12/16/19
      When the Johnsons' Christmas present for Grover is stolen, Calvin and Dave team up to recover the gift in time for the holiday; a nostalgic ...
    • Calvin reluctantly agrees to let Marty create a website for his auto shop in hopes of drumming up more business; Dave makes it his mission t...
    • 11/25/19
      When Gemma sets a reluctant Malcolm up on a blind date with a teacher at her school, she discovers new details about the origins of her rela...
    • 11/18/19
      Calvin and Dave team up for a chance at bowling championship glory; Gemma and Tina face off against each other for the top ranking in an arc...
    • 11/04/19
      As Calvin and Tina near a milestone anniversary, Dave and Gemma decide to help the Butlers have the wedding they missed out on the first tim...
    • 10/28/19
      Dave and Tina discover a common bond when they attend a concert together. Also, Gemma seeks the Butlers' help when an unwelcome visitor take...
    • 10/21/19
      The Butlers and Johnsons decide to go on a double-date and everyone gets more than they bargained for at a new restaurant. Also, Grover invi...
    • 10/14/19
      When Dave accidentally knocks out the Butlers' power during a heat wave, Calvin and Tina spend the night at the Johnsons' home; Malcolm has ...
    • 10/07/19
      When Tina decides it's time to make home improvements, Dave volunteers to repaint the Butler house, violating Calvin's "man code" and settin...
    • 09/30/19
      When Grover gets into a fight with a bully at school, Gemma is torn between her role as principal and wanting to protect her son; Calvin enc...
    • 09/23/19
      Dave is eager to take on a bigger role in the community and prove himself to Calvin; Calvin's reaction makes it clear that, while the relati...
  • Season 1
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