The Morning Show

Aired: Nov 29, 2019 , Friday at 0:00 on Apple TV+

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Episode Summary: Bradley is presented with an opportunity that could jeopardize her tenuous, newfound bond with Alex.
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'The Morning Show': Tight-Lipped on Season 2, Cast and Producers Take on Season 1 Criticism

Before heading to Sunday night’s SAG Awards ceremony, nominees Jennifer Aniston and Billy Crudup joined their “Morning Show” cast/executive producer Reese Witherspoon, executive producer Michael Ellenberg, and EP/director Mimi Leder to discuss the show that launched Apple TV+. One thing they were not prepared to talk about, however, was what’s next — aka Season 2. “It was a climactic finale,” Ellenberg said early in the panel. “... more

'The Morning Show' Team on Steve Carell's Season 2 Future, Season 1 Criticism

Although the first season of “The Morning Show” ended on Steve Carell’s former news anchor character, Mitch Kessler, who was fired at the top of the season amid sexual misconduct allegations, finally feeling the weight of what he did, there is no guarantee the second season will see him learn, grow or be around at all. Although executive producer Michael Ellenberg said at the Television Critics Assn. press tour panel for the Apple TV Plus drama “certainly picks up w... more

Morning Show Season 2: Still No Deal for Steve Carell to Return

The extent of Steve Carell‘s involvement in The Morning Show‘s forthcoming second season remains something of an open question. At the Television Critics Assoc. winter press tour on Sunday, Michael Ellenberg — one of the Apple TV+ drama’s EPs — told reporters that there was “no update” on contract talks with Carell, who plays disgraced former co-anchor Mitch Kessler. ... more


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