The Morning Show

Aired: Nov 29, 2019 , Friday at 0:00 on Apple TV+

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Episode Summary: Bradley is presented with an opportunity that could jeopardize her tenuous, newfound bond with Alex.
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Amy Sherman-Palladino Reacts to That Gilmore Girls-Themed Subplot on Morning Show: 'It Smells Really Bad'

Amy Sherman-Palladino has no interesting in attending Gilmore Girls: The Musical — at least not the fictional one being staged on Apple TV+’s The Morning Show.  As we previously reported, the premiere episode of The Morning Show features a subplot wherein a pair of correspondents (played by Janina Gava... more

How 'The Handmaid's Tale,' 'Watchmen,' 'The Morning Show' Find Lighter Tones in Dark Tales

An oppressive regime that enslaves women as servants and baby factories. A racially charged world in which members of law enforcement have to wear masks to keep themselves safe. A television production reeling from the firing of its beloved star after accusations of sexual misconduct surface against him. These subject matters all seem to be what great dramas are made of — and yet, drama is no longer enough. Between the ever-expanding glut of content vying for a viewer’s time and the real world being full of political and societal upheaval, t... more

'The Morning Show' Boss on How Real-Life Politics Will Influence Season 2

Apple TV Plus just gave official renewals to four of the shows that launched with the new streaming service last week, but the second season of “The Morning Show” has already been well underway for quite some time: The Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon-starrer was a two-season order right out of the gate. Now, it looks like Season 2 could premiere sometime around the 2020 election — but does that mean real... more


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