The Masked Singer

Aired: Jan 02, 2019 , Wednesday at 21:00 on FOX

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Episode Summary: The first six undercover celebrity singers -- peacock, hippo, monster, unicorn, deer and lion -- face off against one another in elaborate head-to-toe costumes.
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Masked Singer Week 2: Biggest Clues About the Poodle, Rabbit and More

The Masked Singer‘s second episode introduced viewers to six new celebrities, and while one showed his face at the end of the hour, the other five remain (relative) mysteries, so it’s time to start sleuthing. With which Alien are we having a close encounter? How did the queen Bee get her crown? Who’s piloting that proud, pretty Poodle suit? Where does the Rabbit get his energy? Who’s under the Raven’s feathers? These are the questions facing fans of the Fox ... more

Masked Singer Recap: What's the Buzz?

Episode 2 included three new match-ups: Rabbit vs. Alien, Pineapple vs. Raven and the aforementioned Poodle vs. Bee. Before we get to the details, you might want to have some snacks handy, because this week’s unmasking is likely to give you the munchies. Now let’s review the battles! RABBIT VS ALIEN | Right from the top of the show, the panelists noted how the person wearing the Rabbit costume really committed to the character, mainly by twitching his head a lot. “I’ve spent most of my life on stage, but... more

'The Masked Singer' Scores Biggest Live+3 Lift Ever for Unscripted Series

Turns out America likes its music-competition contestants better when they’re covered in bizarre, bejeweled animal costumes. “The Masked Singer,” the Fox show that has been described as “nightmare-inducing” (Entertainment Weekly), “dystopian” (The Ringer), and “three clicks away from an episode of ‘Black Mirror’” (Vulture), is off to a surprisingly strong ratings start. According to Nielsen live-plus-three numbers released Monday, th... more


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