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A glimpse into an alternate history of North America: what life after WWII might have been like if the Nazis had won the war. The Man in the High Castle explores daily life in 1962, fourteen years after the end of a longer Second World War (1939–1948 in this history). The victorious Axis Powers - Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany - are conducting intrigues against more
... each other in North America, specifically in the former U.S., which surrendered to them once they had conquered Eurasia and destroyed the populaces of Africa.
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The Man In The High Castle Episode Guide | TVBuzer

The Man In The High Castle Episode Guide



  • Season 4
    • 11/15/19
      On the brink of an inevitable Nazi invasion, the BCR brace for impact as Kido races against the clock to find his son. Childan offers everyt...
    • 11/15/19
      Smith and Helen's true loyalties are placed on trial by an old nemesis. The BCR struggles to maintain order across the JPS. Kido is forced t...
    • Juliana's instincts about Helen are put to the ultimate test. As San Francisco evacuates, Kido goes in search of his son, only to find himse...
    • 11/15/19
      When the BCR launches a massive assault across the JPS, Kido finds the fate of the Empire in his hands. Childan becomes a captive of the Kem...
    • 11/15/19
      John Smith discovers that one can get lost on the path not taken. Juliana attempts to decode hidden messages from Abendsen. Amid voices of d...
    • Mauvaise Foi
      Episode 5
      John Smith is forced to confront the choices he's made. The Empire attempts secret peace talks with the BCR. Kido arrests a traitor, threate...
    • Happy Trails
      Episode 4
      John and Helen host Himmler and his wife for dinner, along with a new and dangerous threat from Berlin. Juliana returns to the High Castle w...
    • The Box
      Episode 3
      Wyatt's rebels and the BCR join forces to attack Tokyo's elite at Robert Childan's auction. Helen comes back to the Reich to protect her chi...
    • 11/15/19
      John Smith receives key intelligence from his officers at the Die Nebenwelt complex, while back at home he struggles with the changing dynam...
    • Hexagram 64
      Episode 1
      Juliana Crain finds herself in a new world. In the wake of an attack on Trade Minister Tagomi, Chief Inspector Kido begins a crackdown again...
  • Season 3
    • Jahr Null
      Episode 10
      Juliana's attempt to stop the Nazis lands her in a precarious position. Himmler and John Smith lead a lavish celebration of Year Zero. Amid ...
    • Baku
      Episode 9
      Juliana and Wyatt's mission takes them farther east and dangerously close to the center of a top-secret Nazi project. Trying to improve rela...
    • 10/05/18
      Juliana realizes time might be running out, but recruiting supporters continues to prove challenging. Tagomi finds himself in a dangerous li...
    • Excess Animus
      Episode 7
      Juliana embarks on a mission to stop the Nazis - a mission that reunites her with old friends. Thelma and Nicole grow closer, despite the ri...
    • History Ends
      Episode 6
      With Wyatt's aid, Juliana flees San Francisco with the stolen Nazi secrets. Childan can finally return home; Ed decides to stay in the Neutr...
    • 10/05/18
      As the Reichsfuhrer continues to provoke the Japanese Pacific States, Juliana barely escapes a deadly situation and discovers a trove of Naz...
    • Sabra
      Episode 4
      A new community fights for survival in the Neutral Zone. Juliana and Joe get reacquainted, while Joe continues his undercover work for Himm...
    • Sensō Kōi
      Episode 3
      Juliana and Tagomi pursue the mysteries of the films and Juliana reunites with an old friend. Childan is anxious to return to San Francisco...
    • 10/05/18
      Juliana recognizes that her and Tagomi's fates are intertwined. Tagomi and Admiral Inokuchi realize the Reich is imposing a covert oil embar...
    • Juliana Crain makes a new acquaintance in the Neutral Zone - an Irish fixer named Wyatt - and soon finds herself on the run and seeking Tago...
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
  • Special
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