The Man In The High Castle

Aired: Nov 15, 2019 , Friday at 0:00 on Amazon


Episode Summary: On the brink of an inevitable Nazi invasion, the BCR brace for impact as Kido races against the clock to find his son. Childan offers everything he has to make his way back to Yukiko. Helen is forced to choose whether or not to betray her husband, as she and Smith travel by high-speed train to the Portal--with Juliana and Wyatt lying in wait.
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The Man in the High Castle Team Talk Dimension-Hopping Final Season, Lament How 'the World Is Becoming Our Show'

The fact that you can hear The Man in the High Castle‘s young Nazis chanting the exact same phrases as real-life, present-day racist hordes do is as chilling as it is coincidental, the show’s cast and executive producers say. “We did the ‘blood and soil’ before Charlottesville,” EP Isa Dick Hackett said, referring to the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va. During the violent event, white supremacists chanted Nazi slogans including the one that Hackett mentions, which Hitler youth cry durin... more

The Man in the High Castle to End With Season 4 at Amazon — Watch Teaser

[YouTube=QtGqjxECVe8] The Man in the High Castle is ending his reign: The drama’s previously announced fourth season will be its last, Amazon revealed on Tuesday. Based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 novel, The Man in the High Castle takes place 15 years after World War II, in an alternate universe where the Axis Powers — including Nazi Germany — triumphed over the Allied Powers. The series is led by Rufus Sewell and Alexa Davalos. &ldquo... more

'Man in the High Castle' Producer Isa Dick Hackett Sets First Look Deal at Amazon

“The Man in the High Castle” executive producer Isa Dick Hackett and her Electric Shepherd Productions banner have signed a first look deal at Amazon. The daughter of Philip K. Dick, Hackett is the co-founder and CEO of Electric Shepherd Productions. The company is dedicated to the stewardship and adaptation of the Philip K. Dick library, which she jointly owns with her siblings. Hackett also serves as trustee of the Philip K. Dick Trust. “I am truly inspired by Jennifer Salke’s bold vision for Amazon Studios, and I&rsquo... more


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