The Last Dance

Aired: May 19, 2020 , Sunday at 21:00 on ESPN

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Episode Summary: ESPN host and NBA commentator Stephen A. Smith is joined by basketball Hall of Famer Magic Johnson and several other NBA legends to discuss their biggest takeaways from the The Last Dance, the 10-part sports documentary chronicling the life and career of basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan and the celebrated Chicago Bulls' teams of the 1990s.
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With live sports on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Last Dance stepped in to fill the ball-shaped hole in America's heart. And now, sadly, ESPN's sensational docuseries following Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls' final championship season has come to an end, leaving us without sports once again. Fortunately, there are a ton of other great sports documentaries ... more

Desus and Mero Talk 'Last Dance' and Why Their Late-Night Show Is a 'Human Stress Ball'

Desus and Mero have a message for anyone who played for the NBA in the 1990s: You have a standing invitation to be a guest on the duo’s late-night series on Showtime. The hosts of “Desus and Mero” joined Variety this week for a live webcast interview that touched on everything from ESPN’s buzzy docu-series “The Last Dance” to how the pair are dealing with fame and adjusting to hosting the twice-weekly show from their homes. Desus, ak... more

Ken Burns Slams Michael Jordan Doc 'Last Dance:' 'Not the Way You Do Good Journalism'

ESPN’s Michael Jordan docuseries “The Last Dance” has captured the attention of just about every basketball fan around the globe, except for documentarian Ken Burns. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Burns reveals that he hasn’t watched “The Last Dance” and he fundamentally disagrees with how it was made.... more


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